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Nov 6, 2006 10:39 PM

Green Lake, Seattle. Beef & Fish Spot?

We are going to be in Seattle at the end of the month and I need a place to take my Niece too that we will enjoy also.

My wife and I would like fresh seafood, my Niece only eats beef, poor thing.

Can you suggest something casual, preferably in the Green Lake area that would meet our needs? Price is not an issue.

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  1. Not in Green Lake, but...try Waterfront Seafood Grill on Western

    1. Most good restaurants in Seattle serve excellent seafood.
      A Greenlake restaurant that might please all of you is Nell's:

      Or you might want to try Eva, also in Greenlake.

      1. Uh, these sound great for us but my niece is more of a burger or steak gal.


        1. I think Nell's would satisfy all of you... lots of seafood, plus they have a hanger steak.

          Greenlake Bar and Grill (, Tangletown ( or the Blue Onion Bistro ( on the other side of the freeway--but still near would also fit the bill, but be less expensive and maybe safer choices.

          1. Not far from Greenlake (only a few blocks west) is It is a small menu but everything is good, and they have beef and seafood.

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