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Nov 6, 2006 10:33 PM

Anyone Know What Happened to Casa Manana in Terra Linda?

Headed over there yesterday to pick up lunch, and it was gone -- replaced by a tacqueria that a checker at Scotty's Market told me was horrible. Is the San Rafael location still there? TIA

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  1. The internet confirms that the Terra Linda Casa Manana is gone, one report saying in 2004. There are three other Casa Manana / Casa MaƱana places in Marin; don't know if all four are/were a part of the same operation. They all serve Mexican and Salvadoran food. I know the Tiburon and San Rafael places are associated. The San Rafael one has been there "forever". I've been a few times to the one in Tiburon and like it a lot. The Fairfax place is very small and very friendly.

    711 D St
    San Rafael

    110 Main St. (lower level)

    85 Bolinas Rd.

    1. The Terra Linda location has gone through several Mexican ownership/concept convolutions. I was there the other day and had a terrible tamale and OK taco.