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Nov 6, 2006 09:55 PM

Tofu Skin

What IS tofu skin, and what is it's application ??? Thx.

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  1. Not exactly the hide of a tofu, though its applications are many and varied. And it's tasty.

    1. Love yuba. It's the "skin" that forms when you boil soymilk, kind of like on a custard. You can use it for tons of stuff - rolls, chips, "noodles"...

      Now if only I could find the nutritional info...

      1. Yuba is one of those Japanese foods that's more known for its texture and consistency, rather than actual taste- which is minimal. Yuba salads, yuba sashimi, or stir "fried" with vegetables are popular dishes. When it's bundled together, it can sometimes take on the consitency of meat, so I've seen it in faux-meat vegatarian dishes, etc. Nutritionally, it's probably the same as tofu, which is about 50% protein. It's not usually served in large quantities though. In Japan at least, it's usually served as an appetizer.

        1. I LOVE this stuff, mostly as it's used to stuff other food (pork etc.) in dim sum (see wikipedia explanation). You may have had it before - most often you see it for something called "xian zhu juan" (fresh bamboo rolls?) which combines diced pork & bamboo shoots rolled in rehydrated tofu skin, a darkish yellow color. It's usually in kind of a goopy sauce though, so doesn't resemble regular tofu.

          I heard it was becoming a really popular addition to menus, yay!

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            bbc - Can you please tell me more about "xian zhu juan." I think this is what I am addicted to at our favorite dim sum place in the Los Angeles area. I think -- if we are referring to the same item -- that they have two different ones: one has vegetables, with mostly wood-ear mushrooms, and the other has pork and shrimp and water chestnuts. Then, there is a sticky sauce over it. Oh, they are so delicious! Is this it?

            1. re: liu

              I haven't had a vegetarian one (love meat), but what you describe sounds exactly like it. Growing up it was my favorite thing at dim sum. Still hard to beat!!

              1. re: bbc

                Yes, I really look forward to them, always! My, how our tastes have changed over the years. I never would have liked this item back when I thought dim sum was mostly about the shrimp dumplings. Now, however, these are top on my list, along with some other new items we have discovered over many years of tasting.

                Thanks! Now I can put a name to these wonderful "wraps!"

              2. re: liu

                OLD thread but I think this is what we had this morning at dim sum at House of Banquet in SF. Is it in a roll that's approx. 2+" long and an inch in diameter? This was a steamed dish with, yeah, a little "gloppy" but not gross sauce. We'd never had it before and adored it. Probably our new favorite dim sum dish. Since my Chinese is limited to dim sum dishes, I'd like to be able to order this in case their English isn't any better :)

                Edit: I just looked at their online menu and there's something called "tofu skin roll in abalone sauce." That's the only one that sounds right.

                1. re: c oliver

                  "tofu skin in abalone sauce" -- that's it, c oliver! I am in Southern California, and our favorite dim sum place calls it this on their English menu.

                  Your description is exactly how I would describe it. To look at it, it does not appear to be something that would appeal to me. However, it sure is delicious! I prefer the vegetable version just slightly more than the one with pork, but they are both good...and it is sometimes difficult to know which one you are getting if it comes off the cart. Of course, if you order it, then you can request your preferred dish.

            2. The original comment has been removed