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Spot for cocktails near Incanto

We are going to Incanto with some friends. Some of us like to start of the evening with a cocktail. I think Incanto only serves wine, beer, and so on. Any good spots close by to find something else? BTW, I'm really looking forward to trying Incanto after reading the posts here.

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  1. near-ish. bliss bar. 24th and noe.

    1. Pescheria has a full bar. It's on the same side of Church street, about four blocks down from Incanto, toward 30th. The bar only has about six seats, and it's part of the dining room. So it is definitely not a bar vibe.

      If you are coming from the Mission side of the city, there are many options on Mission near Valencia, including The Argus and The Odeon. Both are probably less than a ten minute walk and have a neighborhood bar feel.


      1. It's a terrible area for drinks. I like the Argus, but the drinks are awful. Odeon is now the Knockout and is a particularly hellish spot unless you're high.

        El Rio would probably be my pick, but it's a pretty incongruous match for the formal mood of Incanto. Save your palate for Incanto's wine list.

        1. bliss bar on 24th is your best bet. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a hike, but it's definitely a cool, hip, casual lounge with good drinks.

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            Thanks everybody. I think we'll go for Bliss and do the double parking thing--hope the parkings gods are with us!

          2. You could also go over to Guerrero and look at the Lone Palm (3394 22nd St -- Cross Street: Guerrero Street) or The Liberties (998 Guerrero Street). Not that parking's any better.

            1. The Dovre Club's only six blocks away, at 26th and Valencia, and there are some relatively easy-parking blocks in between.

              Though I recommend reserving one's full alcohol capacity for Incanto's amazing wine list.

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                Parking is actually rather difficult over there at night and I while I like grabbing a drink at the Dovre, I would not recommend it as a spot before Incanto. I think Argus, Lone Palm, or Bliss Bar are better bets for ambiance. Dovre is friendly and fun, but is known for being a smokey dive.

              2. Emmys has delicious cocktails, and is not too far away. Also, you could try the Latin American Bar, on 22nd and valencia, which has really good, cheap cocktails and if it is still nice out tonight you can sit outside in front.

                1. Fresca on 24th Street also has a fun bar with cocktails, including many South American based drinks (pisco, caipirinha, sangria, etc.).


                  Personally, I'd rather have some Prosecco at Incanto's bar than deal with having to park twice.

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                    I don't want to jinx the OP or myself, but I also live in Noe and find the parking is quite easy around there. Even on a Saturday night, I usually find parking on the same block as Fresca, or in the lot across from Bliss if I am going there.
                    The furthest I have had to park away from Incanto was a block and a half.

                    I would probably be inclined to have my wine at Incanto more because I would worry about time and having to motivate a group of people out of a bar and into my reservation time-slot, but if you really want to have a cocktail before your dinner, it is definitely doable. Unless I just jinxed us both.