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"French Cookware" at Tuesday Morning?

Any of you guys have an inside scoop on this?

I keep seeing ads on TV and in print for a big sale tomorrow morning at Tuesday Morning on "French Cookware" that looks like Le Creuset - but is it?

If it is, anyone have an idea on pricing? Is it all hype or is there really a deal to be had? I can't find any actual useful info on their website.



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  1. I've seen the ads too and it sure looks like LC but the nearest store is an hour away and tomorrow is too busy to get there and back and keep my other appts. so I guess I'll have to pass.

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      Went into my local (NO, LA) store last Friday and it had some LC on the shelf...just a few pots but lots and lots of stoneware, including individ gratin dishes.

    2. It usually is the real deal and it's usually a great bargain, but I for one, am not about to fight the crowds! People line up at 6 am for that, and it's just not worth it to me! I remember I went for some ceramic plates that looked nice in the ad and they were all gone by 8 am!!

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        wow, thanks for the warning. I had no idea Tuesday Morning was such a big deal.

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          It is here anyway... I'm just not all about elbowing my way through a crowd of cranky women just to get a good deal! I'll stick to my online shopping, thank you very much! ;-)

      2. I've also gotten some nice Emile Henri at TM...

        1. a new Tuesday Morning opened today (7 AM) near Reading Pa
          and all the large Le Creuset pieces were gone very early.
          best I could do was an LC pie plate !!

          1. I'd never been to Tuesday Morning, even though there are three of them within a half hour's drive of my house. But after reading this board I took a ride to the store in Hockessin, DE. I must say, I was totally underwhelmed. Looked like a messy bunch of junk. Lots of T-Fal and Silverstone. Is this usual, or should I have been there at the crack of dawn for the "real deal"?

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              Yeah, I'm really underwhelmed by the Tuesday Mornings in my area too (Los Angeles). It looks like someone threw a lot of unsellable things into a giant warehouse. I check it out regularly because there's one next door to my gym, but I rarely find things worth buying.

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                I think they have just one thing usually that's their niche for the week or whatever and bank on people coming in to look for that one thing and then leaving with other crap.

              2. and...you can do just as well or better at Ebay without the lines, crabby shoppers or remote locations.

                1. I went there today just after 7am. No lines, just a few shoppers but only one large Le Creuset left in a steel gray color. Clerk said they'd had a total of about 5 large round pots and one oval but that they'd all been sold before I got there. There were a few smaller pieces left, a 2.5 qt and some gratin dishes and a couple of small skillets. She said the only colors they'd had in the larger pots were gray and burgundy. I'd never seen the gray before and have not seen burgundy.
                  I left it behind for some other lucky shopper because I didn't want that color. Will hold out for one I'll love.

                  I have gotten some nice things at Tuesday Morning in the past like some really pretty Villeroy & Boch wine glasses and hand & bath towels.
                  Oh yes, they've had plain coasters that I like for everyday, the thirsty kind that are like unfinished tile.

                  They often have nice odd dishes, cabbage bowls, etc but there is also lots of junk to sift through. Our store always seems to be pretty messy, too, which doesn't help. Just depends on what you're after and if you have time to really look.

                  1. I went to the sale yesterday around noon. There were some pieces left (cranberry, mustardy yellow, and gray). The pots were in great condition, but the prices weren't fabulous enough to inspire a purchase. I got a really great deal on Amazon a couple of months ago, and the TM prices just didn't look as good. At least IMO, TM is the kind of place I forget about for a while, rediscover thinking I'm going to find a great deal ... and then I don't, lol. I also get to work really early in the morning, so it's possible all the deals fly off the shelves before I get there.

                    1. Is the Le Creuset at Tuesday Morning similar to what you'd find at the Le Creuset outlets (i.e. seconds which have small imperfections) or at TJ Maxx, Ross, etc?

                      1. Bought 7.5 qt grey enameled french oven for $149.00
                        It was worth the hassle!!!- got there at 7:05am (store opened at 7) and a lot of peoplle had a few thosand dollars worth(each) ahead of me at checkout -- I would set my alarm if you want good prices!(no delivery charge and no waiting,and you can inspect the items!)

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                          Now that's a good deal! That's about what I paid Amazon a couple of months ago. None of the prices I saw yesterday were near that, alas.

                        2. What is Tuesday Morning? Is it a cookware retailer?

                            1. I agree--underwhelmed by the selection at these discounters. A thorough ebay search, or a trip to the LC outlet is a better bet for things you actually want.

                              The only item I ever saw at TJMaxx that was remotely well priced was a daube pot by staub... 7.5 quarts, 89.99, but with a huge scratch in the enamel.

                              Oh well.

                              1. I checked this store out in Los Angeles the other day -- I was VERY unimpressed. It was so cluttered, and dim, and dark and there wasn't much there that I was interested in. I did get a thermometer for a pretty good price, but the ambience was awful. I don't think I'll go back.

                                They did have some Le Creuset baking dishes, but they were tiny and still rather pricey.

                                I got a Le Creuset 5.5 quart dutch oven on Amazon.com for $115 last spring. I would definitely check Amazon, their prices are usually really good.