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Nov 6, 2006 09:32 PM

What have you confited?

I would love to hear of what people have tried to confit. The standard of course being duck legs in duck fat, I personally have done pork and lamb shoulders in duck fat rolled with fresh herbs, salmon, albacore and ahi tuna in olive oil, beef and pork in peanut oil, garlic, shallot and fennel in olive oil......what have you guys done using this method? My results have always been fantastic.

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  1. goose legs are awesome. did 'em in france.

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    1. re: tuqueboy

      How do you rate goose over duck confit

    2. didn't do it myself, but had confit of heirloom tomatoes with rosemary, served under a terrific rare roasted baby lambchop. I wish I had asked how to do it then.

      1. I did pork belly in pork fat a couple of months ago, based on Paula Wolfert's recipe from Cooking of Southwest France.

        1. I did Onion confit, following instructions on another board, and they turned out fabulous, essentially caramelized onions. Did a huge pot, and then portioned and froze the results in vacuum pouches :)

          1. Onions, tomatoes and cherries. If you are considering fruit,try small ones first. I hear big fruit can be difficult.

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