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Nov 6, 2006 09:31 PM

Birthday outing at Frank or Lil Frankies?

It looks like both of these East Village spots have a large table for groups. Has anyone ever had a group outing at either place. It's very casual, but I thought it might be fun. Thoughts?

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  1. Frank has a big table that is right at the edge of the bar area - there might be another in the main area but I'm blanking. Food is good and it is a fun atmosphere, but generally very loud and crowded, and I don't think they take reservations.

    1. supper, frank's sister (or son) restaurant, has a nice downstairs room for a group of 10 or so. its looks pretty cool. the food is really good there too.

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        yeah, we tried Supper but they only have reservations available for 6pm or 10pm. unfortunately, we need something in the middle. i'm also open to other suggestions.

        i thought of the Frank rest's because they are reasonably priced, which is good for this group, and since the food is quite good. i need other similar ideas . any downtown nabe, any ehtnicity. hmm...

      2. Went to Supper for the first with a group of 7 this past Saturday for my BF's birthday. I called ahead and they told me there should be much of a wait if we got there by 7ish. We got there at 7:15 and there was an hour and 15 minute wait!! But time flew in the wine bar next door and when our time came, we were happily seated at a big round table in the corner. Service was great. Food was delicious. Even with the wait, I'd still recommend this place. (Also, they will take your cell number and call you when your table is almost ready if you want to wander.)