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6th St Indian suggestions

Hi Everyone- Looking for GREAT Indian on Friday night on E. 6th. Any up-to-date suggestions? Thanks in advance..

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      IMHO most of the places in Jackson Heights, including the grossly overrated Jackson Diner, are just living off their old reputations and are no longer worth the trip (and "the trip" for me, being a Queens girl, is only one express stop). I much prefer Brick Lane any day.

      1. re: Lindy74

        With the possible exception of Dosa Diner. i love Dosa Diner! They're cranky, but it's delicious.

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          agreed!!! jackson heights is nothing special. most indian food in nyc is pretty similar, sadly.

      2. Best-of-breed on 6th Street are Brick Lane Curry House and Banjara. I don't think you can go wrong with either. Try the dumpahkt at Banjara if you go!

        1. I second the recommendation for Brick Lane Curry House. Just thinking about it makes me hungry...

          1. i third brick lane curry house!

            1. Brick Lane Curry House and Banjara all the way!

              1. yup - try brick lane or bajara. around the corner on 2nd avenue, madras cafe and haveli are also good bets.

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                  Madras Cafe is excellent. I don't think of it as a "6th Street Restaurant".

                  1. Why not try something a bit different and go to Sigiri, which is a Sri Lankan restaurant around the corner on 1st Ave between 5th and 6th. Sri Lankan food is a little lighter and fresher than most Indian food I've had, and it's very spicy. Order eggplant, a curry, and some appam (hoppers) to scoop it all up.

                    1. Banjara is a good bet. It's a shade more than the others on the street, but still lots of value.