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Nov 6, 2006 09:01 PM

Interesting Restaurants to Celebrate a Birthday

My husband's birthday is coming up and I feel like most of the typical "birthday/romantic" places we've either been to already or are out of my budget this yr. I've decided to do things a little differently and not even try to budget our dinner in an expensive place that I feel he only half enjoys anyways and rather go somewhere fun, new and interesting. I have a few ideas I wanted to bounce off of the experts and I'm always open to suggestions.

He loves interesting food and places with a bar atmosphere (think bar carrera or degustation) so I was thinking of trying Kasadela (or any other Izakaya for that matter). I heard they had a good sake selection and he'll definitely enjoy the menu, but have never been so not sure if it's the atmosphere I'm thinking it'll be.

And if anyone has any other ideas that sound kind of like what I mentioned above that'd be great. He enjoys any kind of food, especially enjoys good wine and sake, and preferably where we could eat and drink our fill for under $200. Thanks!

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  1. I like Kasadela, but it's fairly quiet and sedate, and the small bar is split off from the dining room. I think Sakagura would be more festive, but it might exceed the budget. It's a while since I've been - maybe I'm wrong about that.

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      It'll just be the 2 of us... and from having live in the e. village in years past I'm aware of plenty of places to celebrate before and after. What is the main atmosphere difference between Kasadela and Sagura? Would either be good place to just grab a drink and observe before my hubby's big day?

    2. After reading your post I thought of fun (and tasty!) experiences i've had sitting on the line at Casa Mono and Hearth. You can't reserve the seats, but it's a great experience to sit right there and watch the process while having wonderfully prepared food and great wines. I don't remember it costing more than that, and we like to drink and eat!

      1. I second Wilfrid's mention of Sakagura. You can certainly eat and drink there for under $100 a person. (You can also go crazy on sake there and spend a lot more.) They have the best sake selection in the city.

        1. thanks ellenb. we've been to hearth before, but have only sat in the regular dining area. While we absolutely loved it, I wonder if the prices are any different at the bar? I've heard such great things about the Hearth bar, the chef coming right over to explain dishes, speaking about different nuances of the seasonal menu, etc. My only hesitancy is, with the price restrictions, will we still be able to indulge in great wines and an absolutely wonderful meal without exceeding my budget? He is somethign of a wine snob, so settling for the low-end wines might not be an option, except if they are a great value.

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            I think what you're thinking of at Hearth is the "pass," the seats overlooking the kitchen. As far as cost, I'm not aware of a cheaper bar menu. On my last visit, I spent just under $200 for 2 apps, 2 entrees, 1 dessert, and 4 glasses of wine, just to give you some idea of cost.

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              thanks for the clarification, Lucia! I was indeed referring to the "pass".