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Baron's at Star Market, Berkeley (or is it Oakland?) opening this week

I ran into the owner at Baron's Alameda Saturday and he said he finally got all the permits worked out and will be opening his new branch at the Star Market on Claremont this Wednesday.

"Natural" meats and poultry, dry aged meat, excellent housemade sausage, etc.

I know Morton the Mousse has been looking forward to this day. :)

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  1. Where is Star Market on Claremont?

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    1. re: oaklandfoodie

      Star Market is on Claremont across from the Uplands. Prince Street is one street that it is near. It is between Claremont with Tunnel Rd -Ashby on one side and College Ave (Berkeley Safeway) on the other side.

      Baron's has been a long time coming. It's been about a year since the last meat store in Star had closed. At first Magnani was going in; but that didn't work out.

      It's a fun little store that transports you back in time.

      1. re: SueF

        Thanks SueF, I've actually been to that market many times - just had no idea what it was called.
        I'll certainly be going in to try Baron's natural meat!

    2. Star Market has a fantastic Apple selection from a private organic farm.

      Great apples that are not available any where as far as I know.

      Acme bread too!

      1. http://maps.google.com/maps?oi=map&am...

        Cole (nee Royal) Coffee and Safeway are the last two businesses in Oakland on College going north. Everything past them (e.g. La Farine, Yasai Mkt., etc.) is in Berkeley. Go figure...

        1. Star's between Prince and Woolsey. Great neighborhood market, though the prices reflect the relatively affluent demographics.

          1. from the Safeway website:

            6310 College Ave
            Oakland, CA 94618

            Departments: Deli, Liquor, Produce, One Hour Photo, Digital Photo

            1. From La Farine website:
              Located in the heart of Oakland's bustling College Ave

              6323 College Ave.Oakland CA.

              The Claremont Hotel is actually in Oakland too!

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                Just came from Star and they say the meat market is supposed to open tomorrow. No deli for a little while.

              2. Star Grocery is at 3068 Claremont, halfway between College and Ashby.

                1. Yea!! Baron's makes the best homemade Mergez sausage.

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                  1. re: bkaufman

                    I think I've tried almost all of their housemade sausages, and although the Merguez (in sheep casings) is very good, I keep coming back to the simple pork sausage with parsley and cheese. This week the has a Nurenberg sausage, with mustard and ... something ... that was also very good.

                    I understand the Star location will eventually be offering sandwiches -- one of the guys who works there was telling me he used to have a sandwich shop on Staten Island, and he's looking forward to making sandwiches again. Maybe he can be talked into making some "NY-style" sandwiches (whatever that would be).

                    1. re: Ruth Lafler

                      A day later than expected, but open today.
                      They have an intriguing idea, a rack of dry aged beef you can purchase and keep in the shop, cut to order. The price is significantly less than "by the pound". I must say I'm tempted to see if my neighbors are interested in the idea and in sharing with us.

                      1. re: Oakland Barb

                        You buy the whole rack, and then they cut chops off for you as you want them?

                        1. re: Robert Lauriston

                          yes robert. they have a dry aging space in the alameda shop - which i assume they will be copying at star. you buy the beef - they continuie to aged it for you. you come in and they trim it for you as needed.
                          it works out to be about 1-2 dollars per pound cheaper that way, as there is a lot of trim.

                          1. re: jeffyd

                            Perhaps I misunderstood the buthcer, but I thought he said the dry aged beef, purchased by the rack was about $8.00 a lb! A huge savings!
                            He said the racks ran about $200.00 per, which would make sense...

                      2. re: Ruth Lafler

                        Minor point (or maybe not so minor) Is Baron's Merguez really a Merguez or a Moroccan Merquez (with a "q"). Their website refers to it as "Merguese" which I think is a Portuguese Merquez. The term "Merguez" is used loosely (I think Fatted Calf's Merguez is really a Merquez) but the true Merguez is a sausage from Tunisia with more complex spicing, and more "Middle Eastern" in flavor.

                    2. That's what I was told today.

                      1. I just went by and bought some sausages, venison, and grassfed ground beef. They're definitely still getting up to speed, but friendly and informative. I was pleasantly surprised by the Star market, too -- among other things, I bought Arkansas Blacks and some lovely cheeses.

                        It's a pleasant ten-minute walk from College Ave, and next door to a Semifreddi's, where I had a very frothy dry cappuccino in a nearly deserted shop. I frequently have my Saturday coffee at Cole Coffee, and this was shockingly peaceful by comparison.

                        I would definitely be interested in owning a share of a rack, too. (It's daunting to think how long it would take me to get through a whole one!)

                        1. What a nice website! Yes, Baron's Meat and Poultry is up and running, in fact, their sign showed up yesterday. The owner, Dave Samiljan, spends much of his time at the Alameda shop, so if you stop in, you're likely to encounter Erwan, a very friendly fellow who will be running this location. Thanks to all of our customers who had the patience and understanding to bear with us for the nine months that we were sans butcher shop.

                          By the way, Star Grocery is on Claremont Avenue in Berkeley. Star Market is in the Hunter's Point neighborhood of San Francisco.