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Nov 6, 2006 08:28 PM

NYE for 10+ people

any suggestions for 10-12 people for NYE? we'll want to go late so we can be there at midnight.

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  1. My suggestion: don't. Every place is going to jack up the prices by requiring minimums/covers and/or "special" menus.

    My alternate suggestion: a banquet at a Chinese restaurant -- one of the nicer ones in the city that might be open late and has a full bar. Or if you weren't planning on drinking, one that charges corkage and will allow you to bring in some wine/champagne.

    1. unfortunately, don't isn't really an option. plus, we WANT to go out. we went out last year and had a blast.

      i should mention - chinese food isn't really all that popular with this crew. thanks though!

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