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Nov 6, 2006 08:04 PM

post-brooklyn museum eats/drinks

any suggestions within walking distance of the park? something relatively dark and sexy and delicious and alcoholic-y. any and all suggestion welcome.

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  1. I know there are some naysayers out there but I'd recommend Sette on 7th ave and 3rd st. It's plenty dark, romantic and nearly all bottles of wine (both red and white) are $20 each. I have always enjoyed dinner there - the whole roasted brazino is delicious.

    1. Try Vanderbilt Ave, there are a bunch of places.

      1. went through this, a bit confusing; I'm not a brooklyn native so I don't really know the geography; to be more specific, anything close to the museum that we can walk to, more bar than restaurant? and also, casual but not TGIF-casual.

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          there are a couple of places that have opened on Underhill - that is the first street intersecting Eastern Parkway WEST of the museum - you might want to do a search. If you are there in the evening, Osteria Aliseo, on Vanderbilt is a wine bar with a very nice atmosphere and good food, a bit farther. Sugarcane, which is a ways down Flatbush and maybe a 10-15 min walk, max from the museum, has a bar scene and trinidadian food, as mentioned on the other thread.

          1. re: jen kalb

            thanks jen; you know what would be helpful; say, if I'm leaving the museum, seems like vanderbilt is just a good strip to check out and peek in windows? I'd be interested in the wine bar you mentioned, and also beast, below. I will also check out underhill and its environs. not really looking for caribbean food although I know I'm in the right hood for it, perhaps another occasion.

        2. Beast is perfect for your needs. I think the place is great. Quality food, good service, great bar, nice atmosphere, and decent prices.