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Nov 6, 2006 08:01 PM

Is Yeungling for sale anywhere near Boston?

My husband is from Clifton Heights, PA. And, Yeungling consumption is a significant part of the joy of visiting the fam. And, they are usually great about throwing a case or two in the car when they come to us. But, I'd really like to buy this more often to have at home. Are there any places locally that sell it? Are there any on-line resources? Thanks in advance if you can help!

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  1. Here are the current distribution areas for Yuengling:

    Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, South Carolina & Alabama

    These are the only places where Yuengling beers can be obtained

    1. My sister.

      I discovered Yuengling on a trip to Maryland shortly after my husband's best friend was transferred there. Outside the cases they bring on their semi-annual trips to Louisville, I'm left with only my memories of the BEST BEER IN THE COUNTRY.

      Here's hoping they expand distribution. Soon.

      PS--In Crofton, MD, they call Yuengling "mother's milk." ;)

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      1. re: mamaciita

        Yuengling is an excellent value for money, but with all the amazing beers produced in the US, there's no way I can agree that it's the best beer in the country.

      2. Drive straight out the Pike to the Albany area; it'll take you 2.5 - 3 hours. Lots of Yuengling available there, but that's the closest you'll find it.

        And you can't mail order beer into Massachusetts. :-(

        1. Be patient, I have worked in the liquor industry at a retail level for some time, and Burke distributing is trying to obtain MA distrobution rights, and since Yuengling just opened up a second brewery in FL the chances that they will be shipping here is very very high.

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          1. re: corneliusdela

            Just found this via Google, hence why I'm resurrecting an old thread.

            Has there been any progress on re-introducing Yuengling into the New England market? I'd love it if that were the case.

          2. "Yuengling just opened up a second brewery in FL the chances that they will be shipping here is very very high."

            Yuengling purchased the Stroh brewery in Tampa in 1999, *while* they were in the process of building a new brewery outside of Pottsville (the so-called Mill Creek brewery). The new brewery in PA. was completed in 2000 and was up to 1/2 capacity by 2002, limited by the lack of a rail line connection. The rail line was completely in 2003, so one would imagine that any expansion into Mass. would be supplied from the Pennsylvania breweries.