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Nov 6, 2006 07:48 PM

What is a good/fun place to bring my Bavarian in-laws, in and around Boston?

HELP !! My in-laws are from Munich, Germany and are coming to the states for 17 Days. Besides Quincy Market and Fanuiel Hall where can I bring them to make their stay in the Boston Area memorable for them. By the way, they don's speak English but my wife is rather fluent so not a problem there. Any suggestions would be great..they are almost retirement age, so no night clubs please.

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  1. Any specific cuisine they want to try, or you and your wife would like to introduce them to? Where else will you be takig them while they are here?

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      I am looking for ideas for placed to take them, that is the problem. Not to sure of places in Boston and looking for some advice from people with past experiences. A good steak, or maybe some true italian cuisine would be something of interest. Anywhere with not to much walking and close to South Station and/or T stations will help.

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        You should definitely take them to the North End. You can search for tons of recommendations, people like Prezza, Sage, Lucca and Bricco for high end and Antico Forno, La Summa and more for a little more basic. Also get a lobster roll at Neptune. Any of the steak house scenes would be fun. Maybe some Japanese at Douzo and Thai at Khao Sarn and a meal in Chinatown. Bartley's in Harvard Sq. for a burger. Hit Durgin Park for old fashioned New England and Toscanini's for ice cream. And you can have them compare Jacob Wirth to home. There's at least 9 meals there, all right by the T.

    2. Munich has really good Italian and European food in general. Are they adventurous eaters? If you're interested in taking them for things that they wouldn't get well in Munich, how about Cantonese (Peach Farm, East Ocean City), Taiwanese (Mulan, Taiwan Cafe), Afghan (Helmand), or South American (Orinoco, Moqueca).

      1. Whatever you do, don't take them to Jacob Wirth's. They'll disown you!

        1. Locke Ober is quintessential Boston.

          1. People in Munich appreciate fine food, I'll suggest:

            Neptune Oyster - classic north end locale, great seafood with local favorites like lobster rolls and fried clams, good wine

            East Coast Grill - fiery Inman Square grilled seafood, a gem

            Lock Ober - as above, a classic haute Boston spot, Park Street, they might have game

            Troquet - also great for wine and food, might have game, overlooking the Commons

            Pizzaria Regina - classic north end pizza

            Jacob Wirth - the food isn't great but it is 150yo and German

            Publick House - the beer and atmosphere is great, the food ok

            Oak Bar - a fancy old time bar and grill in the Fairmont Copley

            Durgin Park - classic in it's own way, good non-fancy food

            Clio and/or Uni - maybe Boston's leading restaurant w/sushi bar

            not sure where at Harvard Sq, maybe someone else will suggest something

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              For Harvard Square I'd suggest:
              Sandrine for flammenkeuche (sp?) and other deliciousness.

              Tamarind Bay for great Indian

              Mrs. Bartley's Burgers for a burger and milkshake (and atmosphere you can't find anywhere else)

              Burdick's for a sweet treat (chocolate mice)

              1. re: steinpilz

                I would have to agree with an earlier poster. Jacob Wirths is not a restaurant that should be on the list! Midwest Grill in Inman Square could be fun, or hot pot cooking in Chinatown, Shabu-Zen is good.

                1. re: Pegmeister

                  I agree that the food isn't good, but it is one of the oldest restaurants in the country (not just Boston) and it is German. I find Wirths historically and culturally interesting for this reason and thought the inlaws might also. I understand that German food and beer might not be what they're after in visiting the US.

                  1. re: steinpilz

                    Sorry, to disagree but German restaurants don't have buffalo chicken fingers on their menu. Wirth's has more American food than German and their German dishes aren't all that good. When I was a kid my brother worked there and one of our neighbors was a manager. They had pigs feet and tongue and liverwurst and the real German potato salad then. They also had large dark wooden booths to sit in and the atmosphere was much more comfortable. Stop in for a drink maybe, but skip the food!

                    1. re: Pegmeister

                      I think we agree actually, I've said the food at Wirths isn't good a couple of times, but it's an interesting place more for historic/German reasons.