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Nov 6, 2006 07:19 PM

Perigee or Splendido?!

If anyone had the choice between the tasting menu at Perigee (lets say the 5 course blind tasting menu for 95 bucks) and the three course menu at Splendido (98 bucks) - what would you choose?!

It's my birthday, and want to go to one of the two resto's but can't decide which! :)

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  1. You may find this post helpful

    On that topic - where did you end up going Atahualpa?

    1. I have had both tasting menus & I think they are both fantastic. The open kitchen at Perigee is fun to watch Pat Riley at work and it is really entertaining. Especially if you are very adventurous.

      However, I found Splendido a totally different experience, I thought the food was excellent. We had a quiet table and a very romantic evening. David Lee is gracious and the wait staff was exceptional.

      1. My convocation isn't until the 17th and so I haven't been yet.

        And to throw wrench into the mix, my parents (who are going to foot most of the bill) have thrown out the suggestion that they'd accompany me to several places where the bills would total up to what one meal at Perigee would cost. That is an extreamley attractive suggestion as I can never seem to find people to go out with me and try the places I love or are on my list so that I can have a few new things (e.g. Mother's Dumplings, Trad. Chinese Buns, Konnichiwa, New Sky, Hanoi 3 Seasons, somewhere for Peking Duck, etc. . .). If they really are willing to go to all these I might take them up on the offer. If not, I think I had decided on Perigee. I might also be reconsidering Hashimoto. Regardless, I will post what happened in the other thread (I've got it bookmarked) once the time comes.

        P.S. Anyone know of a chowhound friendly dinning club where people go out in groups on rotation to strange and unusual restaurants and order the weird things off the menu? Want to start one? LOL.

        1. I was at Splendido yesterday, and half the diners in the restaurant were celebrating their birthday! Definitely a popular spot for such an occasion..

          food there really supprised me tbh. Much better then I expected, and something different.

          1. Splendido still wins out over Perigee...however, its more fun to watch the guys cook at Perigee.