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Nov 6, 2006 07:16 PM

Lunch near Methodist Hospital???

Hi- Mom is getting treatment for the next few weeks at Methodist Hospital. Can you hounds recommend somewhere for lunch ($15-20pp)in the area?

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  1. there are lots if places all up and down 7th avenue. what about 'rice' for thai food?
    good luck to your mom.

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      Sette (7th Ave., at the corner of 3rd Street) has a good lunch deal, considering how expensive it is for dinner. Also open for lunch on 7th Ave. are: Yamato (Japanese), Tempo Presto (gourmet sandwiches, gelati, etc.), Sweet Melissa (bakery that also serves some soups, salads, quiche, etc).

      1. re: parkslopemama

        Is Tempo Presto finally open? If so, I'm going to plan a visit for this weekend!

        Also, there's a very nice diner - the Purity Diner - right across from the hospital, for when you don't feel like much walking, and want something basic and comforting. (My parents spent years with their parents in and out of hospitals, and sometimes needed a place with decent food that wasn't overly complex.)

    2. Mr. Felafel for comforting middle-eastern.

      Tempo Presto is now open, at the corner of 3rd Street tho Im not sure its much of a sitdown place, but worth a try.

      1. I've worked at the Hospital for many years and when I don't go home for lunch, here's where I go:
        The Donut Shop, Seventh Ave. between 8th & 9th Streets. Great donuts, real roasted turkey, good eggs, excellent coffee and donuts.
        Thai Rice Kitchen: Cheap lunch deal, very quick and usually pretty tasty, especially the curry dishes.
        Hospital Cafeteria: Believe it or not, it's often really good. There are two European chefs and the manager is from Paris. In the past, they've served fiddlehead ferns, fresh blackberries and raspberries, roasted asparagus w/ whole roasted garlic cloves, imported cheeses, etc. It's really hit or miss, but if you go and plan to get stuff from the salad bar, try to get there by noon.
        Sette: Really good and delicious, but I read somewhere that they have a new chef.
        Belleville, on Fifth Ave., nice French bistro with reliable food and a great atmosphere.
        Second Helpings (my husband calls it Second Paycheck because he thinks it's so expensive), on Ninth Street just above 7th Avenue. Organic healthy food, most of it pretty delicious.
        Uncle Mo's tacos, on Seventh Ave. past 9th Street: Decent, quick food with the very best sauces on the side.
        Tempo Presto: Haven't been yet, but they catered a meeting I went to last week and I had some the best sandwiches I've ever had.
        Dizzy's, on Eighth Ave & 9th Street, more upscale diner (think goat cheese v. American) than the Donut Shop.
        Good luck to your mother!

        1. I'm a fan of Chip Shop, if you don't mind walking a couple Avenues over to 5th. Excellent traditional fish & chips and English fare like steak & kidney pie. Nice people, relaxed vibe.

          1. Anthony's Pizza on 7th and 14th. Good brick oven pizza and Italian dishes.

            Mo's Burritos on 7th and Ninth St. is good for Mexican (the burritos are huge and delicious). It's deceptively cheap too.

            Chip Shop is great too. It's like a little bit of London in Brooklyn.

            Anyone try NoNo yet? It's supposed to be a New Orleans type Cajun on 7th and 8th(?)