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Jan 30, 2005 11:23 AM

Lemon Sandwich Cookie @ Citizen Cupcake

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Citizen Cupcake in the Virgin Mega Store, 2 Stockton St. (at Market Street) San Francisco Tel. (415) 399-1565

Oh what a cookie!

If you are by yourself, shopping downtown, or a tourist in need of a sit down and a little treat, you could do worse than Citizen Cupcake in San Francisco's Virgin Mega Store. It's casual and friendly, light and sunny, has great urban views, huge picture windows, art, chocolate and candies from around the world plus sweet confections and savoury nibbles from one of San Francisco's most well-known purveyors of dessert.

The lemon sandwich cookie disappointed, just a little, at first, when I bit into it, because the biscuit was just a tiny bit soft. But a couple of seconds later my mouth exploded with such a sweet cacophony of citrus and sugar accents, that the cookie was forgiven and I settled down to delight, instead, in the outrageously mouth-watering experience it turned out to be. I think I could have eaten at least another half a dozen, if no one had been watching...


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  1. Nice pairing of picture to descripton. Looks great sounds wonderful. I haven't been there since Citizen Cupcake opened. It was always a pleasant place to take a Union Square break. It's nice that they have good food to go along with that view.

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    1. re: Krys Stanley

      well,the lemon cookie may be good, but I didn't have such good luck with the items I ordered. My niece didn't even finish a chocolate cupcake (somewhat stale with overly sweet mint icing). As for the view, it is quite nice, but the odds of getting a couch with a good perspective on it on a weekend may be pretty low: there are only two such seating areas in the place, and when I was there one of them was occupied the entire time by a couple just nursing coffee and we shared the other (two couches but close together, with low tables) with a mother and an overly active 4 year old who nearly knocked over my drink, more than once. (It is that sort of place.) We considered moving to the (one) counter area, but it hadn't been wiped clean.(and you certainly can't seem much of the view from the counter, which is placed diagonally in the center of the room.)

      I do like your photo collage but also I think it is quite a bit nicer than the actual place. Let's just say for the benefit of folks who haven't been that the collage certainly puts the place in its nicest light, by emphasizing individual food items and the great windows, as well as the nicer parts of the view...(imo).


      1. re: susancinsf

        oops, I mean I liked Sixy's (OP) photo collage! sorry about that...

        1. re: susancinsf

          If the window seats are occupied, take yourself across Market Street to the elegant Seasons Cocktail lounge. You can order tea, coffee and a plate of little cookies served on a silver platter, while you look down on the peons bustling about on Market Street.

          If perhaps you don't want to watch the ordinary folk through the window, you can move yourself to another part of the lounge, settle in a comfy chair and stare into the blazing fireplace.

          Perhaps the Union Square scene is fraying the nerves, then a glass of wine or a flute of champagne with the complementary balsamic soaked olives (the best I have ever had) or the spicy pistacios.

          All of this with service that rivals the Ritz.

          Just don't ever eat in the restaurant. Finding the cocktail lounge was the only good thing about trying the DAT menu.

          1. re: susancinsf

            I do agree with you that it may not be a family place which is why I suggested it for someone alone. And as you said - it may be pricey for a little family snack. When I was there it was about midday on a Saturday, and not very busy. I saw a couple of single people make friends and start to chat over sharing one of the window areas. I sat at the diagonal bar and still got some great views and felt at ease.

            I think it is a very good place to go when you are alone and want some refreshment because you don't feel awkward - a bit like the borders scenario.

            The first time I hung out here, years ago, when indeed I was a solo tourist vsiting from England, I liked the place, and I still do. It feels comfy and the view is unique.

            Plus, since CCC have taken over the food choices are more interesting, although I am sorry to hear about your sub-standard cupcake.

            I am looking forward to trying Krys's extra-eloquent suggestion next time.

            1. re: Sixy Beast

              btw, have you tried store bought combinations of lemon and cream? since you're talking about this hard-to- resist flavor combo i have to mention carr's lemon & ginger cream cookies - these are available @trader joe's - a dozen delights for under $2 and surprisingly lemony

              1. re: Trill

                being English I'm pretty familiar with carr's creams and i think they are good for a shop-bought long life biscuit, but really incomparable to the CCC experience.

                btw they also had a ginger and a choc version of the same sandwich cookie which i didnt try.
                the cookie is about 3 or 4 times larger than a carrs.

                1. re: Sixy beast

                  the ginger one might rock your world.

                  i find the chocolate is a case of sweet-on-sweet. the fillings are deliciously sugary, but the cookie itself's gotta have some contrast. otherwise it's overkill.

            2. re: susancinsf

              I was excited when I heard that Citizen Cupcake was taking over the cafe in the Virgin Megastore, but as has been mentioned, the seating situation really is less than desirable. Why would they design it that way? Do they want people to just do take-out? Every time I've been there is nowhere to sit so we just give up.

              Another alternative is the Confetti Cafe on the fourth floor of Macy's. Have only had coffee drinks there, but you get a wonderful view of Union Square, and I've always been able to snag a table.

              1. re: susancinsf

                I too was VERY disappointed with the chocolate desserts we got, and felt ripped off...and I'm willing to pay a hefty sum for good desserts(though I don't like lemon desserts).

            3. I had a lemon cupcake there when they first opened (they didn't even have any chairs in, so we sat on those low tables!). I think lemony things might be one of their strengths, because my lemon cupcake was pretty tasty.