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Nov 6, 2006 06:24 PM

Henry's Puffy Tacos

I just tried Henry's Puffy Tacos recently for the first time and I LOVE them (been back several times since). Hot, crispy, and delish, fresh fillings too. No I have no affiliation w/them, just really like them (the tacos, haven't tried anything else).

I had had puffy tacos elsewhere in the past and they were terrible.


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    1. re: Rene

      Henry's is in San Antonio.


      1. re: Scott

        I drove all the way across SA (quite a long distance) once to eat at Henry's Puffy Tacos...I was intrigued by the baseball mascot, heard lots of buzz, but I was ultimately disappointed by the puffy tacos. Can't remember exactly what filling (an indicator of their less-than-stellar nature), except that it was some sort of stewed beef maybe?

    2. Sorry, San Antonio, Bandera Road.

      Stewed Beef = Carne Guisada, probably an acquired taste, and not the best way to judge.


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      1. re: shauben2007

        I also love Henry's puffy tacos—but just their puffy tacos. Their other dishes and even their sides are nothing special. However, the texture and flavor of their fried until they've "puffed" corn tortillas are just right.

        1. re: MPH

          I kind of doubt they would but Carne Guisada in a Puffy Taco, CG is normally like you said, Stewed meat, and is in its own gravy/sauce not really conducive to puffy or any crisp taco.
          and Most puffy tacos I have seen, could be from corn tortillas, but from what I have seen they are from fresh masa (like what goes around a tamale) that is fried...

          ohh wait.. this might be a stroke of Genius...
          Puffy Tamales!

          1. re: HoelGuy

            Stewed meat in a puffy taco to me sounds like barbacoa....also an acquired taste. Not that I have had Henry's Puffed Tacos before but carne guisada would not work to well in a freid taco.

            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              If you order beef, puffy tacos are made with picadillo, just like regular crisy beef tacos. There's a lot of variation to the meat mixture. As gross as it sounds, the best picadillo is a little creamy and vaguely looks like pet food--as opposed to dry and crumbly.
              I left SA a couple of years ago, but my fave puffy tacos came from Patty's on Hackberry, not far from the Alamodome.

            2. re: HoelGuy

              Despite the tag of "re: MPH," HoelGuy doesn't seem to be replying to my post, but I'll respond anyway. Henry's actually does offer carne guisada as a filling for puffy tacos, along with picadillo, shredded chicken, bean & cheese, beef fajitas, chicken fajitas, and guacamole. The menu is available via their website: