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Nov 6, 2006 06:24 PM

Eggnog history – posset, egg flip, coquito, rompope, biblia con pisco, biersuppe

Looking for ideas for leftover eggnog I stumbled across the history of eggnog. This site seems to be the one all other sites reference.

One theory is it is a shortening of “egg-and-grog" or an even further shortening of drinking egg and grog in a mug called a noggin.

In the title are eggnogs in other countries ... rompope (Mexico), coquito (Puerto Rico), biblia con pisco (Peru), biersuppe (Germany). Are there other countries that produce some sort of eggnog?

Here’s ideas for using excess eggnog on the home cooking board.

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  1. punch coco
    from the Martinique and other Francophone Caribbean islands
    don't think egg is involved, but the result is similar
    rhum, coconut, cane sugar, spice-infused to a thick festive grog

    1. Before they started using hops, the British used to make a variety of sweet spiced drinks with ale.

      I have lots of recipes and would like to try some, but I'd have to make my own unhopped ale.

      1. I am making Rompope this holiday season! Will use a sippable Rum. Makes great gelatines & dessert sauces too!