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Nov 6, 2006 06:19 PM

Why are blenders $20 while food processers are $200?

This is a question I've had for many years. I just can't bring myself to spend so much money on one piece of kitchen equipment, though I really, truly want a food processor.

I found this Hamilton Beach processor on Amazon and wonder if anyone here has had any experience with it?

Hamilton Beach 70550RL PrepStar Food Processor with Bonus Chill Lid

Thanks hounds!

Mr Taster

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  1. Good quality food processors have heavy duty direct drive motors strong enough to knead dense yeast dough and other chores. They also come with several different cutting/ mixing blades. That is what generally accounts for the price difference. However, there are also some blenders in the $200 range.

    1. Too bad, I just sold my $200 food processor that was used exactly twice for a lot less than I paid for it. I was tired of dusting it.

      This link to Cuisinart has food processors from $29 to over $200. It depends on how big it is.

      I just happend to see the model you linked to for sale at Raley's supermarket. It is a small food processor with a seven cup capasity.

      There are over 30 reviews on Amazon in that link, so that might help you decide if it is useful to you.

      You really have to decide what you want to use if for. In my case, I should have bought the mini version. I don't cook much and cleaning the thing was more trouble than pulling out a knive. It takes a lot of room up and when storing it, pulling it out of the cabinet was a pain because it was kind of heavy. I hated that thing.

      Here's a few links to help you decide if what you might need. If nothing else $30 is cheap enough to see how useful a food processor is to you, what features it may or may not have that you might want or not need ... and if it doesn't work for you there is always ebay or a yard sale.

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        rw, now I'm worried about you. When a chowhound chef sells their Cuisinart it's time to call suicide prevention hotline. Well, at least if you get it into your head to sell anymore valuable kitchen equipment...give ME a call first.

      2. $20 Blender = disposable.

        $200 FP - good home cook equipment that will last for years.
        $400 Vita-mix - a real blender that will out live you.

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        1. re: kayakado

          So true kayakado, so true.

          I agree with you too Kelli2006! A robot coupe is the bomb!

        2. a 11 cup Cuisinart food processor will be the bet fit for 90% of home cooks. I have had mine for 10 years and I use it for making wedding cakes and other commercial purposes. I would suggest that you get at least 1 spare bowl and a spare lid with no feed tube.

          If you have money to spare and want the absolute best , buy a Robot Coupe processor. They are all stainless steel,have motors in the 1 Hp range, and the ability to mix concrete in small batches if you so desire. I used them when I worked professionally and they don't break a sweat when pureeing IQF frozen berries or other jobs that would kill a Cuisinart.
          The prices start at $700.00 and can easily top $2K.

          1. Thank you for the replies but really what I am looking for is maximum value for minimum price. As an amateur hobbyist cook I can hardly bring myself to pay $75 for any piece of kitchen equipment, let alone $200. For comparison, I bought a cheap Oster blender about 9 years ago which I use sporadically and it's still going strong.

            I just want a basic, solid processor which won't break apart in a year and am wondering that Hamilton Beach model I quoted above fits the bill.

            Thank you
            Mr Taster

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              Compared to a full size Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach is a toy.
              My 25 year old Cuisinart will dance on my grave.