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Nov 6, 2006 05:56 PM

Hot Pot City mini-review

Mrskingkong5 and I went to eat at this relatively new place in Westminster, southeast corner of Brookhurst and McFadden. Almost hard to find in this strip mall, as the entrance/front facade is narrow compared to the other storefronts. You'll notice it immediately though, if you look for the long line of people waiting to get in. Coming on a Friday night, the two of us had about an hour's wait to get a table.

What's interesting about this hot pot concept is that you serve yourself from the refrigerated case in the back of the restaurant, and you can have both hot pot soup and also cook your meat in sizzling butter at the same time. The center of each table has a cast iron griddle type thing, with the hot pot in the center. Butter and steamed rice is complimentary, and you are charged per plate for other raw ingredients. Prices range from $2-$5 per plate for raw beef, shrimp, tofu/vegetables, and mushrooms. They even have lamb and deer meat if you are so inclined.

With a beer and tip, the total for the two of us was a little under $30, which is expensive for the little Saigon area, but worth it for this new experience. Unfortunately, I wasn't sure how to tip at this place, since we get our own food and cook it ourselves - I left 15% but think it was a little bit more than necessary. Still, it was fun to have an interactive dinner out with my wife. Worth a try if you're in the area, but the weekend waits can be rather long.

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  1. How were the portions? Were ingredients fresh and of good quality?

    1. Is the name of the place "Hot Pot City"? I can't seem to find it on the yellow pages.

      1. Portions are acceptable, the $3 dish of beef is sort of what you'd expect for $3. I bet you probably can't eat 5 dishes of it with rice, so that's a pretty good deal. The vegetables and tofu were amazingly fresh, as were the shrimp. The beef and other meats, because they're sitting uncovered in a refridgerator, tended to dry out a bit, plus they trimmed the meats of their fat. So you kinda got balance it out by using lots of the free butter!

        15606 brookhurst st., suite E (714)531-5402

        It is indeed called Hot Pot City, and another reviewer got the scoop on it here

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          I just ate here today.
          The meat was very good. We had two orders of the rib-eye and one order of short ribs @ $3 per plate. I used your suggestion of using the butter for the beef and it came out so tasty! We also made a soup with a veggie combo plate w/cabbage, corn, seaweed, tofu, and egg noodles and added a plate of jumbo prawns-including their heads! (5pcs-$4). I thought it was kind of plain. There were alot of sides including blood, dried fish, kim chee and spicy pickled cucumbers to name a few. These were $2/plate. We had the pickled cucumbers-which I really enjoyed.
          Our total came out to $20 and some change.
          I liked that we got to pick out our own food and control how much food we'd actually eat.
          Overall, I enjoyed this place and would eat here again.