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AOC Bedford, Blue Ribbon Bakery, or something else tonight?

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Hi all, a friend's in town. She loved Little Owl and was hoping for a similar price or ambiance. I was thinking something in the Downing/Bedford restaurant nexis, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions or votes would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    1. 'ino is a great option. And, even though I haven't been there in months, I really enjoyed dinner at Deborah.

      1. can't reccomend AOC Bedford. Service was sort of miserable and rushed for no clear reason.

        1. I love Blue Ribbon bakery. Do Hwa is good too, if she likes Korean food.

          1. blue ribbon is overrated and overpriced for what it is

            1. Thanks all, I appreciate the replies. We ended up going to Blue Ribbon Bakery and my out-of-town friend enjoyed the food.

              We shared a camembert with honey (the honey was delicious), some beets (the vinaigrette was too sweet). She had the fried chicken and I had the trout with green beans, bacon, and mushroom (nicely balanced flavors on the trout). It leans towards the hearty, rustic end of the spectrum, but it's what my friend prefers. And, of course, we had the bread pudding.

              Good, attentive service, but obnoxious, loud patrons; the people at the next table were hollering--real shouting--and one of the other customers actually yelled "shut up."

              I agree, kaye, the pricing is pretty steep for fried chicken and other bistro standards, but they food is consistent and I've always received knowledgeable, accomodating service.