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Help...good italian tonight.

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Hello fellow chowhounds, am looking for some quick advice on where to have yummy italian tonight. I had my heart set on Peasant but its closed today!


Any other recommendations?

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  1. Both are very good. Lupa is constantly packed, so you might have a harder time getting in. Many other Italians out there depending on where you're looking to eat.

    1. Have you tried Bianca yet? It is not far from Peasant. It is a different experience from Peasant or Lupa, not better or worse, just different. I love their pastas.

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          1. These are all more casual than Lupa, but great Italian nonetheless...

            Da Andrea
            Il Corallo Trattoria
            Bellavitae (actually not as casual as the above)

            and yes, of course, Bianca

            1. Thanks to all. Our group decided on Apizz--it was good, we started off with the prosciutto con pera which was an interesting combo of pears, crispy prosciutto, walnuts and balsamic vinegar. Our friends started out with the broccoli rabe pizza which they said was ok. The gnocchi dish was a standout, very flavourful and filling, the fazolletti and crab dish & the risotto paella was equally good. Another friend had the lasagna and said it was good but he wasn't raving about it. The service was great at the start, and as the place filled up it slowed quite a bit. Our cappucinos arrived late and cold, but overall it was a good experience.