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Nov 6, 2006 05:36 PM

Anyone had the Lobster Roll @ Tanglewood?

I found one mention of it on CH "generous with the lobster". Its 25 cents more expensive than Old Port Lobster Shack's version of $17.75. How does it compare?

A girlfriend & I have a marathon shopping session planned for Saturday and we'd like to try something new for lunch. We've already tried Village Bistro, Left Bank, Blowfish, Consuelo, Maggiano's, Rosie McCann's, SINO, and Yankee Pier. Not interested in Straits or Pizza Antica (I don't like pizza). Read the CH reviews of Tanglewood, laughed about the stories regarding bad service, hope it doesn't happen to us! Any comments about Tanglewood would be greatly appreciated, or if you have any suggestions for lunch places not listed above, within walking distance of Santana Row or Valley Fair (we'll continue shopping after lunch, so we don't want to drive & have to repark). THANKS!!

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  1. Both are delicious and absolutely worth the trip.

    >>Tanglewood has chunkier pieces of lobster. Sinfully delicious. And Tanglewood offers very crispy onion rings and a salad.
    >>OPLS's lobster is finely diced or shredded. Also good, but I do prefer the bigger chunks of lobster meat. Served with a rather nice cole slaw and pickle.

    Both places serve the roll on the traditional New England top-cut bun, toasted and buttery. Really tasty. I thought OPLS's bun might have been a little tastier.

    Tanglewood ambience is much swankier -- inside, it's a white tablecloth restaurant vs. OPLS which has an atmosphere similar to Santana Row's Yankee Pier.

    I thought the lobster roll was one of the best things on the Tanglewood menu. I also think it's a very nice place for lunch on the weekend - especially if the weather is nice enough and you can sit on the patio and people watch.

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      Thanks for the feedback! I can't wait to try the lobster roll. I'll definitely report back.

    2. fwiw -

      pizza antica doesn't only dish out pizza. i'd highly recommend the gnocchi or spaghetti pomodoro. if you desire meat you can add fennel sausage to each dish for $3.45

      consuelo's is also quite satisfying for mexican small plates.

      1. Yankee Pier's lobster roll is also very good. And I Iurve their coleslaw.

        1. I second Pizza Antica, best food in Santana Row (and the least pretentious atmosphere). Chef is Gordon Drysdale from Gordon's House of Fine Eats for those that remember.

          The other place I love is Thea Mediterranean restaurant. Food has been scrumptious!

          I think they did a beautiful job with Tanglewood's open design. I was going to have dinner ther eon a Sunday night a few weeks back, but they only had a fix price menu as an option (with which I wasn't impressed) and there was no vegetarian option. Since my friend is a vegetarian we ended up eating elsewhere.