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Nov 6, 2006 05:29 PM

Mail Order BBQ Ribs

As I am in Boston, not exactly a BBQ Mecca, would anyone suggest a good mail order source for Dry Rubbed BBQ Pork Ribs that are not too outrageously expensive or is it not worth the bother?

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  1. I've never ordered ribs through the mail so I don't know how they'd fair.
    When we go to the in laws (Alabama) we always make a stop at Dreamland
    They only lightly season them and they're not completely smoked. Just cooked over hard wood at a low temp. What they are is the best ribs I and my southern wife have ever had.
    So, while I would highly recommend these ribs at their restaurant. I would never recommend ANY rib, mail order. I just don't know what you'd be getting. That said, if I were to MO ribs, it'd be them.


    1. I have ordered from Dreamland twice and both experiences were great. The ribs are perfectly spiced and meaty but the sauce... The sauce is some of the most addictive stuff on the planet. Worth it to place an order just to get a quart of sauce. The loaf of Sunbeam bread they include for sopping up puts a smile on your face too.

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      1. re: CDouglas

        I don't know if you've been to the restaurant but when you get in, they give you a small bowl of sauce and about a half dozen slices of bread. First!!


        1. re: Davwud

          Have not been but I had a buddy who grew up near Tuscaloosa and other than the food his favorite part of the restaurant was the "No (passing gas)" sign. He said the line out the door before 'Bama games was ridiculous. I guess you could say this place has serious credentials.

          1. re: CDouglas

            Supposedly it's better than the one in Huntsville. And that one is great. They say the longer you use the pit, the better the ribs.
            In Tuscaloosa all they serve is ribs, sauce and sunbeam bread.


      2. Corky's in Memphis Fedex's overnight both their wet and dry ribs. I do not want to start a debate about Corky's but I think you will like them, my sister in bbq challenged Pa. orders them and her friends and family are always pleased.
        Google them for their website.

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        1. re: Tee

          A couple of the other Memphis BBQ joints that have been in that debate also shipped nationwide (helps to have FedEx hq in Memphis) -
          Interstate Bar-B-Que - http://www.jimneelysinterstatebarbecu...

          Rendezvous -

          Corkys -

          1. re: weinstein5

            I haven't had Interstate. I love Rendezvous and I think Corky's ribs are over rated. I'd definitely skip Corky's.


            1. re: Davwud

              Interstate makes the best ribs in Memphis. I love Corky's and I think Rendezvous ribs are over-rated. I'd definitely skip Rendezvous.

        2. Honestly I don't think Dreamland's are THAT much better than Blue Ribbon's or East Coast Grill's on a good day. I like Dreamland's ribs, but ... they're expensive mail-ordered and not necessarily worth the cost.

          1. hey paulgardner,

            Try my ribs. They are the best you'll ever have. They are dry rubbed in New Jersey!
            I'll send you a sampler for the cost of shipping if you are interested. I'm a yankee trying to make it in the BBQ business!