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Nov 6, 2006 05:26 PM

Anyone been to Ki?

I would like to have dinner at Ki on Bay Street in BCE Place. I have heard mixed reviews. Either excellent reviews or overpriced not worth it. What do people think? Myself and 5 friends would like to try it after work one night.

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  1. I went there this summer. The service was terrible. Food was nice, but over-priced. It was a real scene.

    1. I don't think I'm much help here..
      Was there during the summer for drinks on thursdays. Haven't had the food but most people go there for martinis and to be seen. The women are gorgeous every single time, the men are in suits, and I've heard (from 5-6 people) that the food is lackluster.

      1. As long as you can overlook the overpricing and you order enough, there is some good food. I really like their Kiwi Tuna maki and their spicy edamamame. I had yellowtail nigiri that was good. It is overpriced and it is a scene. If you are looking for that, you will enjoy yourself. If you aren't, then don't go. After work is good. Especially on Thursdays (big scene).

        1. The food's pretty good -- tasty. But it's in very small portions and it IS overpriced.

          It's great for an expense account meal with a client. My personal food dollars are better spent elsewhere.

          1. I agree with everyone here..way overpriced, lackluster food for 905er business suit types trying hard to be cool and impress the big hair, breast brigade. If you like to people watch it is a fun place thou! Good for a drink or 2. Skip the food and go somewhere else afterwards.