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Nov 6, 2006 05:06 PM

need help - group of 12 for this saturday night. anywhere in town - good food a must!

tried stanton, buddhakan etc... and they all laughed. any ideas?

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  1. try calling high line in meatpacking.

    1. How about reading the site a little bit and seeing what restaurants people think are good? And then calling them to see if they'll accept 10 people for Saturday night?

        1. Parea serves excellent modern Greek food, and the service is terrific. The space is huge (sleek minimalist decor), so they would have no trouble accommodating a group your size.

          Cafe at Country is another good option. The food is delicious, service is first rate, and the ambiance is very agreeable. When we were there for dinner a few weeks ago on a Saturday, I saw them put together a table for a group that numbered about 20. Twelve should be a snap.