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Nov 6, 2006 04:56 PM

Quiche/Brunch foods in Oakland/Berkeley/Alameda

I'm looking for recommendations for places where I can pick up some quiches/brunch foods in Oakland/Berkeley/Alameda.

Baby foodnut is getting baptized in a few weeks & I've decided that trying to cook for a crowd while sleep deprived just isn't going to happen. So, please recommend your favorite take-out places for brunch-type items.

(any menu suggestions are welcome too, though I know that's a bit off topic for this board. So far, I'm thinking mimosas, quiche, green salad, fruit salad, coffee cake/pastries.)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The Pasta Shop does catering, so you could check there (either the Rockridge or the 4th St. locations). I'm not positive if they have quiche, but I wouldn't be surprised, and I've enjoyed their frittata in the past. I've had incredible quiche at Lola's on Solano, but I'm not positive if they sell it whole.

    1. Sweet Adeline has good quiche and you could get the cake there as well.

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        I second the recommendation for Sweet Adeline, they make beautiful and seasonal treats and have been very accomodating of special orders!

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          Glad to know that they make quiche. I live right near there, so love supporting local businesses (not to mention their stuff is Yummy!)

      2. You could try Somerset (the old miss Millie's that is now in Oakland on College). I also love La Note Provence and Venus in Berkeley. You also might try Eccolo on 4th street.

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          I don't know if any of those places do take out or catering, do they?

        2. Another possibility—Crixa has delicious baked piroshkis. I had the cabbage one, and saw a potato the last time I was in. The pastry is incredibly flaky and the filling delicious. You could also get coffee cake there and I highty recommend the Russian honey cake—perfect for brunch, not too sweet, and very moist. You should call first because they don't always have the same items, they rotate.

          1. Bakesale Betty has great scones and such. Not sure if they do quiche, maybe someone should suggest that to her (I think it would fit in with the rest of her offerings).