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Nov 6, 2006 04:43 PM

$200 Starr Restaurant Gift Certificate -- where to go?

Just received a very generous $200 gift certificate to Starr Restaurant group. Where should my husband and I go? We are looking for quality of food above all else. Some interesting wines would also be good. If you don't think it is worth blowing the full $200 in one sitting, please advise how you would split it up.


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  1. You could use it for part of a meal at Morimoto. For food quality, Buddakan may be too predictable (the food has not changed as long as I can recall and it's good but not great). Pod is pretty good too, but I think the food at Jones and El Vez and Continental is pretty average. Never did the Striped Bass or Barclay Prime digs so you'll have to rely on someone else for help there.

    The problem with Morimoto is lately, all of his efforts have been focused on NYC, so you may even consider a trip to the location up there (or even Buddakan since I hear it's totally different) if you are looking for a chow-worthy meal.

    By the way, the Gift Cards never expire from what I've been told by severs there...

    1. Morimoto still has some of the best sushi around, but if you're not a sushi fan I would either blow the whole wad at either Striped Bass or Barclay Prime

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        1. Blow the whole thing at Barclay Prime. Two appetizers, two entrees, two desserts, and a bottle of mid-priced wine with tip will probably be about $110 per person, so you'll have to kick in a little bit, but the steaks are worth it. Striped Bass is very good, but I haven't been there since Chris Lee left for NY, so I can't comment on it lately. In general, though, I prefer Barclay Prime's food and less-stuffy atmosphere.

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            Agreed. If you don't want to go the sushi route, then get the Kobe sliders, a part of appetizers, two entrees and whatnot.

          2. Agree with above- Barclay Prime if you're a steak fan (love the ribeye), Morimoto if you're a sushi fan- the others can wait. Not sure about Striped Bass since the change.