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Nov 6, 2006 03:23 PM

good Pho around Carroll Gardens/Ft. Greene/Park Slope area?

I have fairly recently discovered Pho, and have a favorite place in (Manhattan) Chinatown, but would love to find a place near me (Ft. Greene) where I could get delivery or ride my bike to for take out.

Anyone know of any good (or better yet, great) Pho places around Ft. Greene/Park Slope/Boreum Hill/Downtown Brooklyn/etc.?

Thanks in advance

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  1. The simple answer to your question in that no such place exists BUT if you were willing to ride your bike just a bit further south into Sunset Park, you're sure to find good Pho. We usually get our Pho fix at Pho Tay Ho in Bensonhurst, but I'm sure a search of this board (or a suggestion from a more knowledgeable poster) will find you a good selection of places in SP.

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    1. re: bobjbkln

      Listen to bobjbkln, there are several vietnamese joints in sunset park's chinatown, they are supposed to be very good. Have yet to try any pho there...

    2. If getting *really* good pho is important to you I would suggest making a trip into the city. However if you do find something of note, please post it here.

      1. sorry to bum u out but i dont know of any place serving PHO at all, let alone a good one...not in BK. damn. oh well.

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          that is what i fear. i know there are no places right around here in ft. greene, but i was hoping maybe there was something on smith st., 5th ave, etc.

        2. The place across 4th Ave from Century 21 dept store (86th St?) is okay - that would be Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, a nice bike ride away. I like the one with seafood . . .

          or is that everything tastes great when you're exhausted from Xmas shopping?

          There's a Viet place on Fifth Ave in Park Slope, but I can't get past the prices compared to better food in Chinatown

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            That's Mekong on 5th & Garfield. Right near me, but I've never tried it. They do serve pho, though.

            There are probably 3-5 places that serve it in Sunset Park, but I can't remember one that blew me away.


          2. There is a place called Mai on Altlantic near 4th ave. But it is kind of pan-asian, and though their pho was ok, it just isn't like ctown...