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Nov 6, 2006 03:18 PM

Need meal ideas in Dallas

Posit a 5 mile circle centered on the Westin City Center. Where does a San Francisco hound who has never been in Dallas eat? Suggestions are requested for 3 general categories.

Eggs. No pancakes or waffles need apply. Nice fluffy omelets with home fries. Huevos Rancheros. Bonus points for walking distance from the Westin.

2)Dallas Stars for Solo Eating.
Anything goes except the $100+ prix fixe places you need to book two months in advance. I’m not really looking for the best Thai or Italian. What can I get in Dallas that I can get nowhere else and where’s the best place to get it? I had hoped this would be BBQ but from reading the boards, that’s not gonna happen. So what’s the regional specialty? Steak? Tex-Mex? Failing that, what are the places you’d take a visitor.

3)Group Dining/Make Me a Star.
Bunch of non-Dallas people in a cab, where do I propose we go (still within that 5 mile circle)? Again, anything goes, but food should be good, reservations not needed and not much more than $20/person without drinks


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  1. "good for under $20" ... you talking about a dive/hidden find?

    breakfast - the westin is attached to dallas' downtown underground tunnels, so there's a lot of casual places down there to grab breakfast. if you want something sit-down/classier that's almost walking distance (bit of a hike), the conservatory at the hotel crescent court does a nice breakfast (tho it's maybe odd to leave one hotel for breakfast at another), here's the link

    breadwinners is a big local fave for breakfast; you could take DART rail (which runs right by the westin) and get off at Cityplace and walk the mile or so to breadwinners

    for your solo venture, since you're downtown, stephan pyles is probably the favorite and it has a bar and a community dining table that accommodates no reservations.

    personally, i think dallas = steakhouse; there are a couple good "homegrown" ones in a 5-mile radius 1. nick & sam's (A+ testosterone) and 2. perry's

    nick & sam's:


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          Try the asian-style side of green beans. It may sound odd, but they are truly amazing!


        2. For #3, I would head over to Deep Ellum:

          Pepe & Mito's - good straight-up Tex-Mex, pretty cheap

          Cafe Brazil - coffeehouse/sandwiches/other light fare. Great for people-watching, open 24 hours. Also cheap. They do great breakfast too, for your #1 request; not walkable though.

          For #2 (sorry, random brain dump, so not in order), I agree steak is the way to go. Many love Bob's; I don't since it's quite loud and I prefer to be able to talk to my dinner companions. Haven't been to the places mentioned above so I can't comment on them. Also you might try Antares, it's a great "visitor" place due to the great view.