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Nov 6, 2006 03:16 PM

Need a new place in Salem, OR

My daughter lives in Salem and everytime we visit her we eat at "Ram". I think the food look great but I don't think they taste as good as they look. However, my husband and daughter loves this place. Is it just me? Anyone been there?

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  1. Hi there,
    Salem isn't exactly the be-all or end-all for restaurants, to say the least! There are several good ethnic places and one of two decent up-scale places. Do you have a preference or an area in the city that you want to stay close to?

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      You're right. After complaining of Ram to my hubby he finally caved in and suggested we try a Thai place. Guess what? A fly was belly up in the noodles...uh, yuck. No preferences really any suggestions would be great. Also in Portland too. Thanks!

      1. re: mewho

        Hi again!

        Rice Time downtown is good and Marco Polo has a fairly good reputation. I've never been to MP, so I can't vouch for it. Cristo's Pizza is very good, as is Straight from NY pizza. La Margarita on Ferry Street is another good option. I don't agree on Bentley's...very average in my opinion. We had a terrible meal at Caruso's on River Road. JJames is quite good, as is DaVinci's. Old Europe on Liberty Road S is good, but Amadeus (way South on Skyline...hard to find) is the best restaurant in Salem...again in my opinion. Rudy's at the Salem Golf Course is good too and has a beautiful room and view (if it isn't too dark to see!)

        I hope these ideas help. Let me know what you think if you try them!


      1. re: JillO

        caruso's on N. River Road
        Bentleys at the new convention center
        JJames (downtown area)

      2. I echo the comments of the people who have already responded. I would add the following to the list of recommended restaurants: Morton's Bistro in West Salem (for an upscale dinner); Wild Pear (two locations: downtown for lunch; on River Road South -- a very pretty drive -- for lunch or dinner). For a diner style meal (definitely not fancy or upscale, but good, basic food), Court Street Dairy Lunch or Busick Court Restaurant (incredible breakfasts) are good choices. I have been to these places for breakfast and lunch only. For Mexican, I like La Hacienda Real, especially their fresh, homemade tortillas. I like Thai Beer Restaurant for Thai food in Salem.

        Finally, if you want a scenic drive, there are a couple of good restaurants in Silverton (about 20 minutes from Willamette University) that are worth the drive: Silver Grille (upscale bistro, with fantastic food, service and ambiance -- I cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough) and Red Thai Room (fun atmosphere, good food and service, not traditional Thai food). There is also a good traditional family-run Thai restaurant in Silverton. It is across the street from the movie theater, but I can't recall the name -- good food, not fancy.

        1. If you are in the mood for really good Pizza, try either of the Paddingtons (Pine & Broadway & S. Commercial) or head out to Stayton to Apizza. According to a commenter on my blog it's better than Apizza Scholls.

          For lunch during the week you might check out the Goudy Commons at Willamette U. - it's open to the public and is inexpensive and well regarded. Rachel Ray had lunch there on her $40 a Day in Salem show. Her breakfast and dinner were at two other places already mentioned - Busick Court and Mortons.

          1. A couple additions... Apizza is located on the corner of 3rd and Ida in Stayton, two blocks East of the main drag, aka 1st Ave.

            Also, in Sublimity, Maurice's Bistro has an excellent reputation. Also mildly high prices. Upscale dining in other words.
            390 Church St SE. Sublimity, OR 97385. 503-769-8303