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Nov 6, 2006 03:07 PM

peninsula b-day dinner

as much as i would love to go up to SF for the b-day dinner, dealing with 101 is not what i want to do on a weeknight. so, looking for something on the peninsula, around san mateo or san carlos. Initial thoughts were carpaccio in menlo park, kingfish, voigner... but would like some more ideas since I seem to be stuck. I did go through past posts, but haven't found anything that caught my eye. I am kind of thinking Italian. your thoughts would be appreciated. thanks!

and I will report back :)

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  1. lure in san mateo
    zibibbo in palo alto

    not the peninsula but il postale in sunnyvale

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    1. re: wchane

      Could you favor us with more about Lure? It's still on my list to try.

    2. I second Zibibbo. I was just there on Friday night and the food is GREAT. They make their own salami and other cured meats.

      Also, there is valet parking, which is nice. Parking in Palo Alto can be a pain.

      1. how about:

        Divino in Belmont
        Piacere in San Carlos

        Zibbibo is OK, I've been underwhelmed by their food although I am not averse to sitting at the bar and having some appetizers (roasted beets are my favorite) with some good wine.

        1. My family just had a b-day dinner at kingfish. It was actually pretty good. Huge servings, very fresh fish. avoid the fish and chips appetizer it was unseasoned but everything else was good. I was underwhelmed at Lure where my hubby and I had his b-day dinner, it is also pretty intimate type atmosphere, so if you have a larger party, may not be great. Piacere in San Carlos is pretty decent, I actually really like their salads, (smoked chicken and also the crab) and the jazz. Ask to sit on the patio with the fireplace, great spot to listen to music and still be able to talk to your friends. Palo Alto has added a parking structure by Zibibbo, so it may not be too bad.

          1. thanks for the recs... got reservations for Zibibbo.... the menu looks good and I can't wait... and i will report back