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Nov 6, 2006 02:19 PM

I'll have the Lobster

One evening my husband and I went out for Chinese. We ordered many different dishes to taste, sweet and sour, crunchy. salty, and pungent. But then I saw lobster. - It was a stretch but I wanted to see what it was like. I don't know what I was expecting. But what I was served was not at all what I thought I would get.
My first bite was WOW, I was so surprised with what I recieved. I don't know if anyone else has ever experienced this but they delivered a steamed lobster, that was infused with a mint essence.They must of steamed it in a bamboo steamer and included mint leaves.
It was the best. Very different and fresh. Has anyone had this as well?
I have never seen it on a menu again, and the restaurant is no longer around. I often uses mint with my drinking water or when I make kabobs along with other herbs for a marinade. But never have I seen this. Have you? Please be kind if this a normal dish!

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  1. I rarely eat lobster (mostly because of pricing) at restaurants, but what you described sounds nice. I was curious, did the lobster come to the table whole and you had to break it apart like western restaurants or was it chopped into pieces and reassembled and then you just dug in? Most Chinese restaurants I've seen prepared lobsters with black bean or with fresh ginger and green onions. I've never heard it steamed with mint, but I might try it at home. Sounds refreshing.

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      it was just the tails, plain. I thought there was going to be something to dip it into but no. Just a light infusion of the mint. It was a surprise at first then I really took a liking to it. It was presented in the bamboo steamer, so I think the mint might of been in the was just great.

    2. I've not had mint with lobster at a Chinese restaurant or elsewhere. Here's as photo of the steamed garlic lobster at The Kitchen in Millbrae. It's Hong Kong-style and steamed with cilantro, chopped garlic, and rice noodle bundles.

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        sorry no photo melanie, this sounds really wonderful too.

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            wow, that's a big lobster. Looks like they had garlic for days! :)

      2. I've had crab steamed in lotus leaf in Chinese places.
        It is infused with the fragrance of the lotus leaf, which could be somewhat mint-like (it's a stretch).
        It's usually served wrapped in the leaf, in the steamer, so it's pretty obvious. And it's usually atop a bed of rice.

        Maybe they steamed it in lotus leaf, then unwrapped it before serving.

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          No it did not look a thing like this, it was just plain and steamed, that is why when I lifted the lid to the steamer I was looking for the butter....but regardless of its simple plating, it was delicious.