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Nov 6, 2006 01:56 PM

Got good goat?

After having the rogan josh at Tamarind Bay a couple weeks ago (excellent), and going through Hell Night last week (hotter than ever), I'm up for finding some spicy goat stew. I am mourning the departure of this stew at Green Street, but know it must be available elsewhere.

Didn't a Green Street expat open a place in Arlington? If so, is the goat stew as spicy there as it was at Green St? Also, are there any Jamaican places worth a look?

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  1. Something Savory is the Green St expat place, on Mass Ave in Arlington Heights - I haven't seen goat stew on their menu, which doesn't mean it doesn't show up as a special - but I've never had anything there (caveat - only two visits) that's even remotely as spicy as Green St's stew. (That's a shame that it's off the menu there - that's a tasty stew)

    I've had a really good goat dish at Bengal Cafe in North Cambridge, which I completely forget the name of - it wasn't particularly spicy, though.

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      The chef at Something Savory does make a wicked spicy hot sauce. If they do have goat, I'm sure he can somehow incorporate it into the stew itself. You have to ask for the special hot sauce though. The counter staff will give it to you with many warnings.

    2. Ortanique in Huron Village serves curry goat. It's not fantastically spicy, but mighty tasty.

      There's Goat Bhuna, Goat Curry and goat korma at Bengal Cafe.

      1. Curried goat at Highland Creole Cuisine in Somerville is excellent.

        1. haven't been to royal india in central square very recently, but they used to have a good quality goat curry.

          also in that area, izzy's on harvard has a solid latino-style goat stew as a daily special fairly often.

          neither of these are all that spicy as they are served, but there's always hot sauce...

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            I believe Izzy's has Goat every day, except Wednesday (and they are closed Sundays).

            The Sunset Cafe on Cambridge St also offers Portuguese style goat which is pretty good. (JJ's might have it occasionally, but am not certain, I know the nearby Sporting Club often has it.)

            Taqueria Mexico in Waltham still offers it sometimes (it used to be more common Thu-Sun and during the colder months), but I havean't been in a long time.

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