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Nov 6, 2006 01:54 PM

Staying at the Affinia Dumont at 150 East 34th Street- where to eat?

Hi- we are going to be staying at the Affinia Dumont next weekend and are looking for some restaurant suggestions. We love Mexican, but would like a fun atmosphere. Any suggestions?

Are there any good places in that area or are we going to have to travel far?

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  1. Go out the door of the hotel, turn left, then turn left
    again at the corner of Lexington and walk half way down the block. You will be at Da Ciro, an authentic Italian restaurant... I ate there at least weekly when I lived in the neighborhood.
    There is a wood burning oven, large menu, excellent homemade pastas, and accomodating friendly service. Don't leave town without
    trying the focaccia robiola.

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      I second this restaurant. Not only is the food outstanding, but the service is so pleasant there. You can sit for hours and I've never felt rushed. I recommend Da Ciro to everyone I know that is in the Murray Hill area. Also - I agree about the Focaccia Robiola - it is so good!

    2. El Parador Cafe...Ali Baba. Both on 34th. Pizza 33...33rd and 3rd.

      1. Good in the area: Ali Baba, Ethos, Artisanal, Penelope (brunch/lunch). There's also Curry Hill if you're in the mood for Indian, but I'm not really familiar with those restaurants.

        1. all good suggestions but you might want to peruse the board for places outside the area if you have time. that being said - one more place in the area on 36th just west of madison av is a moroccan place called barbes. i quite liked it. it's atmospheric, can be a bit loud but the staff is very congenial so you can ask about lowering the music. the cous cous is the real deal - the tiny grains steamed four times - very tasty. it's fun, it's romantic and it's very good.

          and if you feel like venturing downtown, on the corner of broome and orchard is a tequila bar with great food called barrio chino. it gets crowded and they only take rez for groups of six etc but it's usually only a short wait. nice fish tacos btw.