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What's The Crave Food You Sneak Eat................. ?????

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Because Everyone Else You Know Cant Stand It!!!!!!

I know that in my household I am a Lone Ranger when it comes down to a few choice items....such as:

Artichokes- go figure.I love this stuff any which way but no one else is even willing to give it a shot.
Some Indian/MiddleEastern Recipes- Again I Love Indian/MiddleEastern foods, apparently a lot more than anyone else I know :(.
Tamarinds- Only my Dad and I are into this lovely lil pod fruit.
Okra- Nobody can get past the texture....except me that is.
These are just a couple off the top of my head....I'm sure there are lots more!

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  1. Brussel sprouts and cauliflower are delicious, but the wife cannot even tolerate their fragrance, so i never cook 'em anymore. I also have to eat my oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits in another room or while she's out of town, since the citrus oils are bullies (her words) to the nostrils. She's none too pleased when I apply parmesan to my pasta, either. I must eat dried squid/cuttlefish in private, as well. And smoked oysters also freak her out, I recently discovered. Spam, of course, I only eat (fried, with eggs) on 'bachelor weekends', along with liverwurst. The list goes on, but my wife is a lurker here and I don't want to dig my own grave any deeper here :-)

    1. I am very lucky, there really isn't anything I eat, that my husband wont, the only two things that come to mind are:

      Peaches - childhood phobia, he swears he's allergic. (he's not)
      Fantastic brand Taco Filling (vegetarian) - he thinks it's horrifying, I crave it. =P

      1. Kheyma (armenian version of steak tartare), okra, dried chickpeas, and tahnaboor (a yogurt soup that can be eaten either hot or cold).

        1. Frozen novelties sweetened with Splenda.

          1. Okra, instant pudding and egg-white omelets. Otherwise, my family eats everything.

            1. When I'm by myself it is a lamb and artichoke night. Between my husband and my friends, I'm the only one who likes them.

              1. dried fruit (dates, pineapple, papaya,apples and craisins)
                hard aged cheeses
                sourdough, baguette and deli rye, toasted
                bittersweet baking chocolate- Ghirardelli is my current favorite.
                hot oatmeal-in the winter
                toasted tortillas with adobo spice.

                1. my hand + box/bag of granola, watching bad reality tv. over-indulging (and a big mess) inevitably ensues. it's my de-stress ritual :D

                  1. right now it's all the veggies hubby can't eat; broccoli, onions, garlic, tomatoes, etc.

                    Quiche I order when I eat out, as he finds it disgusting. I love it.

                    1. Sardines...I love them but husband freaks if he even sees them in the cabinet.I also crave fried chicken livers...which also freaks him out.