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Nov 6, 2006 12:48 PM

65 Degrees on College

Has anyone been? Looking for reviews on this restaurant. Thanks

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  1. I've been to 65 a few times over the last 2 summers, mostly for drinks and dessert. Once for dinner. Mixed vibes...the service is sometimes intrusive and other times snobby. The Steak isn't as good as the hype, and the dessert portions are tiny.
    my .02

    1. You mean this place is still open?? No way...really? C'mon.
      Ahh, the good old days of Brasserie Aix. Too bad they had to ruin it.

      1. Brutally bad. Lame steaks, pathetic service. A TV blaring sports over the "dining room." Waaaaay overpriced. Nice decor, though.

        1. ^ Ouch!
          I never noticed the TVs...must be a new addition? or perhaps i was a bit distracted.
          It's too bad Steven Salari missed with this spot. I reall like his other spot down the road (Coco Lezzone)

          1. 65 degrees is no good. the food was borderline OK, the service was demented.
            first, the wine i ordered they didnt have and didn't offer to match it with another wine, but offered another wine at an extra cost of $25 (!!@??!?!).
            second, suggested the specials for the day, but did not mention that they were outrageously priced ($19 for literally 4 slices of smoked salmon)
            third, my pasta that i ordered i had to send back because the pasta was stuck to each other making one of those pasta chunks.
            no apologies from the waiter (who was decently nice) or the manager.
            lastly, we asked if we could sit in a booth, they said no because it was reserved for bigger groups... the entire time we were in the restaunt 8-10pm not a single group sat there... probably because the restaurant was empty the whole time.
            two thumbs down.