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Malinalco recs?

Fellow hounds,

I will be spending around one week in Malinalco. I've heard there are some nice little restaurants there. Can anyone chip in with his/her two cents on the matter? Which ones to go to? Which ones to avoid? What to order in the former?

Thanks so much.

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  1. Hi There,

    We loved Los Placeres...every dish was amazing, all at very good prices. The setting is lovely. Malinalco is very cute, but it is a weekend town, so you may have more limited choices during the week, esp on Mondays. We only spent one day, so our dining experience is limited. Please let us know your experiences!

    1. > Big recommendation for the Trout in Hoja Santa at Las Palomas.

      > Very decent upscale dining at the Casa Limon hotel restaurant

      > Cafe La Fe has organic & eco friendly coffee & snacks

      You might consider taking a bus to Toluca for a lot more options & their famous Chorizo.

      1. One last thing... wherever you are in Mexico... just ask strangers on the street, the first 3 that agree on a place... you are sure to be happy. Make sure to tell them you are not looking for a tourist spot. (No Turistas)

        1. Hey D Hound,

          Did you ever get to Malinalco... can you please report?


          1. I am spending X'mas over there, so I will report back on our chowing in early January. (As you can tell, I like to plan well in advance my eating adventures!)

            I will also be spending some time in Mx City (which I know well), and in some soon-to-be-determined towns in Central Mexico.

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              "I will also be spending some time in Mx City (which I know well), and in some soon-to-be-determined towns in Central Mexico."

              Any chance you will be trying Pujol & reporting back? BTW, please have some Tacos de Machitos for me... I haven't had them in 18 years... can't seem to find them when I go back.

            2. I might go to Pujol (I've been there before, and quite liked it). Still, I usually prefer to focus on more traditional Mexican food, esp. from either Oaxaca or Puebla (and at times Yucatan). Which explains why, when in Mexico, I always always visit Casa Merlos at least once.

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                Got it... there is other regional cuisine that must be discovered! Here are some other great regional restaurants in Mexico City:

                Las Piguas (Campeche style seafood particularly Pompano in Hoja Santa)

                Cerro de la Silla (Monterrey style pit roasted baby goat)

                El Tajin (Cuisine of Veracruz... including Seafood, Pumpkin Seed Moles, & interesting Tamales)

                Chamulas Bar (Cuisine of Chiapas... the most underrated, underpromoted, & hard to find in Mexico)

                San Francisco (Cusine of Tlaxcala.. think of the Oaxacan, Pueblan & Hidalgan cuisine all rolled into one.... & somehow improved upon)

                1. re: Eat_Nopal

                  Thanks many for all those recs. I was unfamiliar with all of those (but for El Tajin, which I visited once and very much enjoyed). I am particularly intrigued by "Las Piguas" and "San Francisco". Would you happen to have more info on them, i.e. address? I would very much like to visit them in December, and report back on them.

              2. Here you go...

                Actually... its La Pigua (my bad) & its on Alejandro Dumas in Polanco: http://www.las-buenas-mesas.com/resta...

                San Francisco is in Downtown on San Ildefonso #40, Centro. 5702-9110

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                1. re: Eat_Nopal

                  Terrific. I'll make sure to write a report in early January. I look fwd to visiting both places.

                2. D Hound
                  My first posting; Malinalco caught my eye. I spent a dozen weekends there at the Club de Golf when I lived in Mexico D.F. (Polanco)in the late 90's. A week in Malinalco will be a long time if you are not golfing, but will be soothing if you have had a recent divorce or surgery. I recommend a drive from Malinalco to Cuernavaca. Scenery is extraordinary; flora, fish hatchery, steep mountains, orchards. Very rural but safe and clean. You will remember the drive 20 years from now.
                  The restaurant at Las Mananitas in Cuernavaca is considered by many to be the best in all Mexico- great Sunday brunch, and you can be back to Malinalco before dark.

                  1. I just spent a bit under a week in Malinalco. My favorite places were:
                    - Las Palomas
                    - Los Placeres
                    - Casa Limon (beautiful hotel, with an OK restaurant and a GREAT bar)
                    - Ice cream at Nieves Malinali
                    - Tortillas and bread sold in the street, in the marketplace
                    - Quesadillas and ESPECIALLY carnitas at the cafeteria in the Golf Club (served only on Sat and Sundays).

                    Malinalco proved to be a beautiful tiny town. Highly recommended if you simply want a quiet, peaceful, break from urban chaos.