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Nov 6, 2006 09:09 AM

Delhi, Jodphur, Jaisalmer - Innovative and Amazing?

I just read an article in the Hindustan Times about these amazing fusion-y restaurants in Mumbai, and one, I think, in Delhi, but no address or information. I'm vegetarian, and have mostly been happily eating humble thalis from places that are crowded and have boiling cauldrons, and also barfi from sweet shops. All lovely, but have yet to be anything close to blown away. In fact, have yet to have better food than I get in NY, SF and LA (where I live). I'm sure this is entirely my fault and not the fault of India. I'm happy to do a 4 or 5 star, as well as a back alley. I'm interested in both something regional and amazing, or trendy-but-amazingly-tasty food being done at hip or fancy places in Delhi. If it's incredibly delicious (and vegetarian), I would be hugely grateful to hear about it :).

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  1. My father does a decent amount of business in Delhi and one of his favorite places to eat is the "Parliment" hotel. All I know about this place is that its a few blocks away from the Parliment building and has some delicious north indian cooking, with a healthy dose of chili powder to boot.

    If you do any traveling in India, may I recommend my hometown, Pune in Maharastra. While Mumbai might be "the" industrial complex on the western seaboard, going inland a few hundred kilometres will yield a surprising culinary variety. From upscale at Le Meridian, to intermediate places like the Pune Club, or some literal "hole-in-the wall"/sans front door type establishments right outside the university, a 'hound would satisfied to explore for weeks on end.

    1. Hey, Im following with interest! Ubermasonfan, do you know anyplace that homesick Maharastrians eat in Delhi?

      Im not getting all the way to Pune on my upcoming tourist visit, but maybe to you have any experience or recommendations there?