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Nov 6, 2006 09:00 AM

Clover Organic Eggnog

Sunday afternoon I picked up a quart of Clover Stornetta Organic Eggnog ($3.85 special price for November) at Andy's Produce in Sebastopol. The style and flavor is much closer to a homemade product, and I like it very much. By that I mean that it doesn't reek of artificial brandy flavoring, isn't overly thickened with slime, nor sickeningly sweet. The ingredient list does include carraganeen and organic tapioca starch. However, they're barely noticeable and do not interfere with the pure flavor of the milk, egg yolks and a whisper of nutmeg.

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  1. thanks for the rec, i've been looking for some good store-bought egg nog and will have to give it a try. i am really missing Hood egg nog since moving out to the west coast.

    1. Yeah, you really have to watch that ingrediant list. Wish I read this before indulging my yearly eggnog craving. I had Organic Valley eggnog which didn't have the tapioca but did have the carraganeen which was the only non organic item in the ingrediant list. Bought it at Raley's but don't remember the price. It is a nice light eggnog that isn't heavy on the nutmeg either. It has a milky fresh taste.

      I guess it is really not the no name eggnog that I describe in my eggnog French toast post. But it isn't a real name like Strauss or something.

      On the other hand all the Sunnyside eggnog (I think that is the other brand Raley's was sellng) is full of junk and uses HFCS instead of sugar ... ick.

      Just a note ... NOT organic or remotely healthy ... coconut ice cream snowballs are now available at Raley's. They go pretty fast and sometimes sell out by Thanksgiving. I'm sure they are loaded with HFCS and every preservative known ... but I love the things ... didn't buy them yet because eggnog and snowballs in the same week would probably kill me.

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      1. re: rworange

        The flavors of the Clover Organic are rich, but even though I drank nearly the whole quart the evening I posted this, it didn't feel heavy or leave me feeling uncomfortably full. The less cloying taste of real sugar instead of HFCS may have had something to do with it, as well as less stabilizers. The texture is about the same weight as half-and-half, but without the butterfat film. The bad news is that each 1/2 cup serving (8 per quart) is 160 calories, iirc.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I got a quart from Whole Foods, 774 Emerson St, Palo Alto for $3.69 Mon 11/13/06. I liked it fine.

          1/2 cup is a serving and it's 180 calories, not 160, yikes. Total fat 9g, saturated fat 5g.

          Ingredients: Organic milk & Organic cream, Organic sugar, Organic nonfat milk powder, Organic egg yolks, Organic Tapioca Starch, organic nutmeg, salt, Carrageenan, organic natural flavor, organic Annatto & Organic Tumeric (for color).


          Still for me to try: Straus Organic Eggnog, Ruth's old post:

      2. The Castle Creamery eggnog (comes in a glass bottle, I buy mine at Whole Foods in Campbell) is also delicious, with a distinct caramel flavor that I like very much.

        But it's way too rich for me to buy more than one bottle a year. Good, though.

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        1. re: moosechop

          Hi moosechop,

          I don't know if you will receive this since it has been over a year since you posted the message that I am responding to, however, it is worth a shot.

          I love the Castle Creamery Eggnog and have not found anything that really compares. It has been several years since I have been able to locate it, so when I saw your posting stating that you have found it just last year at Whole Foods I was so excited. I contacted them and they are not carrying it this year.

          Do you know of any place I could find it? I would be SOOOOO excited.

          Thanks so much! Tyber

          1. re: tyber

            I don't know -- maybe you could contact Castle Creamery?

            In the meantime, have you tried Straus eggnog, which also comes in glass bottles?

            Here's a some discussion about various organic eggnogs from last year:

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              Thanks so much for your response Ruth! I can't find castle creamery when I google it. I have tried Straus and it does not do it for us, unfortunately. I will check into the link you sent and see what else is out there. I feel like I have tried so many over the years and just can't find one that I like as well. Bud's is the closest we have come, however, it is not nearly as good as castle creamery was. Darn! thanks again. the search continues.

        2. I almost bought a Clo-quart today at Monterey Market (so I could have my annual 2 small cups of eggnog and then toss the rest weeks after it goes bad. But I'll wait. They had 3 types - Regular, a lowfat/light (forgot the actual name) and an organic. The organic's calories were just between the two, and the light wasn't much fewer in calories than the organic. If someone has had 2 or all 3, I'd appreciate comments.

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          1. re: lmnopm

            Imnopm, I tried the low-fat clover 'nog. Gross. There are some things that can't be made low-fat. If you're gonna drink it, drink the real thing and be thankful it only comes out once a year, I know I am!

          2. I tried the Clover organic nog last year and really, really liked it. The natural flavors come through in a nice, unaggressive way, and its much less gloopy than the usual commercially available stuff.

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            1. re: Debbie M

              Definitely non-gloopy. Have you noticed that a cup of the usual commercial product mostly sticks to the side of the glass? This one slides out and you actually get to drink it! Very delicious . . . and I didn't even add any spirits to it. (g)