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Nov 6, 2006 08:36 AM

Recommendations for this weekend, In Town with Clients from LA

Hi there. Can anyone recommend some places for great food, atmosphere and somewhat of a scene? I visitng with clients in NYC this weekend and need to wine and dine. They had mentioned Buddha Bar Paris or Spice Market. I realize that both are a scene. But are either of them worth it for the food? Last time I came to Spice Market, the kitchen was not up to speed yet - they just had opened. I have my typical favorites, but I have to remember that I am with clients. Does not necessarily have to be the swankiest of places. But they are in their late 20's-mid thirties and like to have fun. They are both in the food business somewhat, so I need to make sure that where I take them, the food and service meets their expectations. They also love to be at a place that has cutting edge decor. Looking forward to all of your ideas!


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  1. If they enjoy decor you can also hop over to Stanton Social on the lower east side for drinks and small plates.
    If you plan on staying in the meatpacking, One little west 12st serves food till 11 and from then on it turns into a lounge for drinking and dancing till 4am.

    1. Do either of these places require reservations? Will be staying at 70 Park Ave in Murray Hill so both of these recs are great. Thanks.

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        1. Since you ask, you may indeed find yourselves well served at Spice Market, where you will not be disabused of first impressions and your guests may feel at home with the largely out-of-state crowd. That said, Koi-and-Katana Angelenos I pretend not to know do better at a Morimoto or a Megu where you can lay down a big wad in flashy surroundings for food and drink that are good enough to make you wish you were dining alone.

          1. What comes to mind -
            Asia de Cuba - decent food, although there is an LA location.
            The Modern - love the food, presentation is also great. The bar room is more of a "scene" than the dining room, but I like the dining room better.
            Tao - bad food, but flashy and has kind of a club like atmosphere.