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It's white truffle season (I think)

Please suggest some places where I can splurge on white truffles--or perhaps even a truffle tasting menu.

Has anyone ever done this? Please share your thoughts

The first places that come to mind are stodgy Northern Italians like Felidia and San Domenico... what other restaurants should I be considering?

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  1. A Voce had three special white-truffle dishes when I was there a week ago, for a $59 (or was it $49?) supplement each. I opted for the pasta, which was delicious and covered in truffle shavings. There was also an egg dish and a main dish that I can't remember.

    1. Well there is always Alain Ducasse @ $320/person - here's a very funny blogger that just got a freebie for propmotimg the menu . . . http://www.amateurgourmet.com/the_ama...

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      1. Eleven Madison Park has white truffles ($65 suppl.) on its current dinner menu.


        1. We sat at the kitchen bar at Hearth last week and chef Marco was visibly excited about his first white truffle order of the season. $50 supplement, I think. The girls next to us got it, and he sliced ... and sliced ... and sliced on top of their risotto. I didn't lean in close enough to get a whiff, but it sure looked good.

          Also, we were at Cru earlier in the week and they sport a $400 truffle tasting menu, or you can order them as an add-on to any dish for $50. For your consideration--though Cru does trend a bit stodgy, if that's what you're trying to avoid.

          1. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions! They are immensely helpful.

            Next question: does anyone know when white truffle season ends and, when it does end, do they disappear from menus rather abruptly? I'm trying to plan my special dinner a few weeks in advance but don't want to miss the truffles.

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              I believe the white truffle season lasts until December. However, restaurants may not continue to offer them until then, so it's best to check with the restaurant you're interested in.

            2. White truffle season lasts into December. When its over, its over. They don't freeze.

              For a real amazing experience (not trying to confuse you) but you can catch the beginning of BLACK truffle season at the end of WHITE truffle season for a real hedonistic treat.

              In any case, for white truffles in NYC splurge and go to Alain Ducasse at the Essex House. They do an amazing job with truffles... and get the best ones. I've had it in NYC and in Paris a few times... KILLER!! Oh yeah, I had to pay.

              1. As of monday, Cru had a white truffle tasting menu, or shavings over other items on the menu could be had for a supplement

                1. You can buy them an Elis for $150 per ounce!

                  1. Bottega del vino.
                    They have a white truffle menu. I ordered the Risotto for $110 which I actually thought was worth it. It was perfectly cooked for me...al dente with a rich buttery cheese sauce. i loved the taste with the white truffles and thought that it was a perfect fall dish. the risotto was a tad on the soupy side which i enjoyed.

                    Also had the asparagus / quail egg salad for $65 with white truffles. very good dish but don't think it was nearly as mind blowing as the risotto. in fact i enjoyed the cheese plate as the appetizer more then the quail dish (what can i say? i enjoy bread and cheese.) The quail egg was a bit over poached so that the yolk was not runny. the asparagus was grilled nicely in olive oil but a tad on the soggy side. the white truffle added a wonderful aroma and some good flavor but the risotto was the star.

                    also as an entree had the calf liver with onions with polenta which was outstanding. thot the polenta was a bit on the soupy side (i tend to like it a bit firm) but it made for a good mix between the liver / onion sauce to mix in.

                    1. Update: I finally had my white truffle dinner...

                      Okay, it was really only one white truffle course, but it was extraordinary.

                      I ordered the risotto with white truffles at Eleven Madsion Park; it was very similar to the dish Hot Chocolate raves about above. Paired with a lovely Barolo, it was a sublime experience.

                      Thanks for the recommendations.