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Nov 6, 2006 06:44 AM

Paso Robles Must Visit Wineries?

Hi there,

We've done Napa multiple times -- but aren't nearly as familiar with Paso Robles. Any consensus on the you-just-have-to-visit-wineries in Paso Robles?

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Also, if there are any distinctive winery tours in Paso Robles, please let us know.

    Thanks again.

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    1. re: vlad

      This is great. Thanks.

      Any good places/B&Bs to stay at?

      1. re: vlad

        The B&B at Justin, which is way out in the middle of the countryside, is just lovely.

    2. Wine is such a personal thing, and what I love, you may hate, but with that said, I enthusiastically recommend both the wines, and the tour at Tablas Creek. Their wines are some of my favorites coming out of Paso Robles, and the tour is very informative, and a bit more in depth than your garden variety winery tour.

      Others I like are L'Adventure and Hug Cellars.

      1. I assume you know about this site:
        I like Tablas Creek as well. As long as you're out in that direction, Adelaida makes some very nice wine, too.
        L'Aventure is getting high marks too.
        Turley, Linne Calado and Peachy Canyon are good places to go.
        Garretson wines is also nice. It's the only wine club that I belong to. They won't be listed on the map on the Paso Wine site because they're not a member of the organization. But it's right in town off the highway that comes in from the east. Last time I was there there was another place that set up shop in the same complex offering free tastings from other wine makers.

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          I love the wines of L'Aventure and Linne Calodo. Garretson is fun, especially if Matt Garretson is around - he is quite gregarious. Eberle is a pretty winery with a nice picnic area.

        2. Also check out These are all west side wineries, usually well off the beaten path. Pipestone is a particular favorite of ours - it's family-owned and you'll most likely meet the owners/winemakers at their tasting room. Nice spot for a picnic too.

          1. We just took a girls trip to SLO and stopped at some wineries in Paso. When I was going to school up there, I really liked Justin wines, but this time I didn't taste any worth buying. our favorite was Mastantuano ( The girl there said they were best known for their Zinfandels. I'm not a fan of Zinfandel, but I liked it enough to buy a couple bottles along with a bottle of their Champagne. We also stopped at Pasolivo ( for an olive oil tasting.

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              On our last visit, we found Justin wines lacking based on some of their previous efforts, the tasting room over crowded and not much help. When factoring in the increase in prices and decline in quality we decided there was so much more to offer in the area. e.g the previously metioned Tablas Creek, Adelaida, Linne Calodo, L'Aventure.