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Nov 6, 2006 05:39 AM

What is the name of the VERY expensive robata grill place in Little Tokyo?

I was listening to a radio interview of Steve Raichlen, the BBQ king. He described how this one robata grill place in Little Tokyo made him realize that there was a place in this world for gas grills. The food was spectacular, but apparently very expensive. Over $300 for two people. He said the name, but I missed it. Does anyone know what place he's referring to? Is it worth the hefty price tag?

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  1. If they were using a gas grill, it sure wasn't very authentic. There's a very specific type of charcoal that's used that I haven't seen readily available even in Japanese markets that I know is used at Shin Sen Gumi.

    1. Wondering if he was referring to Katana on Sunset, which is not in Little Tokoyo. He mentions it..see below link. I don't recall if Katana uses gas or charcoal. It can certainly add up money-wise. What program did you hear this on? Maybe it would be on its website.

      Somewhere in the New Otani downtown? I am curious myself.

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        The last time I went to Katana they used charcoal. But it definitely is not over $300 for two people.