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Nov 6, 2006 05:34 AM

Pacific Fish on Redondo Pier

I know alot of you are fans of Quality Seafood, but has anyone been to Pacific Fish? I stopped by today and had some Santa Barbara Spot Prawns, sashimi style, which were pretty good. My only complaint was that they left the hard outer shells on the heads when they deep fried them. That and the service is a little on the slow side.

We watched some pretty nice looking crab and lobster go by though and are thinking of going back.

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  1. Oh yeah, good stuff. It's run by Koreans so they have some Korean dishes (as you might have seen) on the menu. Their spicy seafood soup is not bad (not the greatest) but the korean version of chirashi (hwe-dup bap) there is good.

    If you can stand the moving antenna and not an animal activist, try the live shrimp (or is that what the Santa Barbara prawns are?). They fish out some live shrimp from the tank, shuck off the body shell and bring them to you on a platter, antenna moving and all. yum.