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Suggestions for South Bay Ethnic Dives

Hi - New to the board. This may have been covered many times, but we are looking for new ethic places to add to our weekly repoertoire. Would love suggestions. Love all ethnic except Chinese food. Thank you!

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  1. Saigon 75 -- Not a dive, but inexpensive compared to comparables up the peninsula. We ate there tonight, particularly enjoyed the duck salad, eggplant with crab and the long beans. Total for six including tip was about $130.

    1. rose market - persian/kabobs - mountain view
      falafel drive in - greek - san jose
      house of falafel - greek - cupertino / sunnyvale
      spice hut - indian - sunnyvale
      gombei - japanese - san jose (not really a dive, but inexpensive enough)
      la victoria's - taqueria - san jose
      iguana's - taqueria - san jose
      st john's grill - burgers - sunnyvale (more of a bar/pub)
      yiasso's - gyros - san jose / cupertino
      hot bite kabob - persian kabobs - santa clara

      1. -Sabor Salvadoreno, Santa Clara - Salvadoran (pupusa, plantain empanadas)
        -Kabab and Currys, Santa Clara - Pakistani (chicken malai kabab, chicken tikka masala)
        -Rose Market, Mountain View - Persian
        -Triumpathi Bhimas, Milpitas - South Indian (dosa, uttapam, idly with sambar)
        -Swathi Tiffins, Sunnyvale - South Indian (epitome of hole in the wall)
        -Bua Thai, Milpitas - Thai (in an old Taco Bell to boot)
        -Real Ice Cream, Santa Clara - Indian chaat (sev puri, ragada pattis)
        -Gourmet Express, Milpitas - Greek/Mediterranean (weekday lunch only)
        -Garcia's, San Jose - Mexican (tortillas, tacos)

        1. Chaat Paradise in Mountain View. It's hidden in a corner of a strip mall on El Camino (165 El Camino)
          Very good Indian chaat..preety divy with service to match. But the chaat is really good!

          1. For GREAT tasting Thai in the South Bay, try:
            Krung Thai
            640 S Winchester Blvd.
            San Jose

            You may have to ask a waiter to explain some of their menu items, but I have never been dissapointed with anything I've ordered. One of my favorites is their mussaman curry beef.

            1. Paradiso Deli--old skool italian deli, not really ethnic but great
              Dakao--vietnamese sandwiches
              The Lunch Box--Ethiopian

              All 3 are around downtown San Jose. I hope your definition of dive is close to mine.

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                huge 2nd on Dakao

                there is also dakao 2 in milpitas.

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                  Hey Kathy, could you please tell us more about The Lunch Box? I've been curious about it since spotting it last year.

                  My inquiry -

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                    I have to admit I haven't been here in over a year so my memory is a little fuzzy. I've tried a bunch of dishes, both meat and vegetarian and liked them all. One dish that stuck out on my mind is this spicy beef tartare dish (forgot the name) that I was really apprehensive about. Not that I don't like raw meat but the place is such dive, I wasn't quite sure about the quality. Needless to say, it was delicious and no stomach ache. Portions are big for the price. Seems like lots of ethiopians hang out here to drink beers, or what seems like beers.

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                      That sounds like beef kitfo. I've had this dish before (not at The Lunchbox), but my favorite rendition is the chicken rendition (Ye doro kitfo) at Zeni in San Jose served with housemade cheese.

                  1. Los Cubanos (downtown san jose)...best cuban in town!! please try the vaca frita!!!