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Sancho's Taqueria in RWC - believe the hype!

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After a frustrating run this afternoon down to the Fry's in Palo Alto, I decided to see what all the hype about Sancho's in Redwood City was about (particularly since I love me some carnitas). My friend and I made our way from 101 well up into the hills of Redwood City, going through a long stretch of residential neighborhoods before finally arriving at the intersection where Sancho's resides. We were confused at first as to whether they were even open, as there is some significant renovation occurring to Sancho's storefront (the front of the taqueria is just a bunch of boards with no door). After perusing the menu, we decided to order the following:

1) Dinner plate of a fish taco and a shrimp taco - $10.95
2) Super carnitas burrito - $6 something
3) Chorizo taco - $1.25
4) Carne asada taco - $1.25

Chips and salsa are complimentary. Chips are of the baked variety rather than fried, so they were crisp with no oily aftertaste to them.

The quantity of food was surprisingly hefty. We never did have a bite of the carnitas burrito, as we were too stuffed from the tacos, chips & salsa. All of the tacos were very, very good. Fish taco and shrimp taco are $3.95 apiece a la carte, and each is about a 6" large tortilla stuffed with seafood and a smattering of veggies. Fish was very light with a nice, little crunch to them. Shrimp were chopped pieces of nice-sized freshwater shrimp (no puny bay or rock shrimp here). Chorizo taco and carne asada taco were of the typical taqueria/taco truck size (maybe a tad smaller than most), but the ratio of meat to the two corn tortillas that comprise each taco was excellent (meaning lotsa meat).

I'll f/u (maybe later tonight) with how the carnitas burrito tastes. Regardless, I'd be willing to brave the drive from either 280 or 101 to go back to Sancho's in the future.

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    1. Yeah, we never found out about the carnitas.

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        OK, I finally had a couple bites of the carnitas burrito. Very tasty! Ingredients were well-balanced, with nothing dominating or overpowering the taste of the carnitas. Sancho's version of a "super" is definitely a burrito sized for two (or one exceptionally hungry person).

        As the dinner plate comes with two items, next time I go I'll get that and just ask for a double portion of the carnitas......=-D