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Nov 6, 2006 02:27 AM

Pre-made holiday Turkey/Ham/meals??

Having Christmas at my place this year and would like order a turkey or ham already made to free up my day. I was thinking Whole Foods looked pretty good and was also going to check out Bristol Farms. I will probably do all the fixings myself unless someone has rave reviews about a completely pre-made, all inclusive meal.
Anyone ever order a pre-made holiday turkey/ham/meal from either place? What was your experience? Or any recos for another place I should order from instead?

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  1. If you can find a good ham or turkey, pre-made, you have my blessings. It would free up some time, although I think oven space is more an issue than time. If you find something you like, YAY; and make the sides yourself.

    I do caution you about the sides (gravy included- can be realllllly bad). I know some who have ordered up the whole deal, only to be a) disgusted by the flavors, as holidays can be really personal and demand some family tradition with regard to flavors/recipes, or b) disgusted by the fact that the literature said the meal would feed eight (or 10 or 16, or whatever), but ended up not being enough. If your family loves being free with the food, or likes something to snack on later, the all-inclusive meal may not be your best bet, volume-wise.

    If others have had good luck, I would love to hear. For now, my personal jury has ruled against the all-inclusive.

    1. I've used Honeybaked ham ( ) in the past and it was very well received. They do turkey as well.

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        I second the Honeybaked recommendation. My sister-in-law brought one to Thanksgiving one year and it was a big hit -- especially with biscuits the next day. :-)

        You still need to cook it a bit, so it will take up oven space, if that's an issue for you.

      2. My family was always partial to Heavenly Ham and we ordered a ham for our last Thanksgiving dinner.