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Nov 6, 2006 02:14 AM

Gluhwein recipe

I don't know if I am spelling this correctly but it is the German version of mulled wine. I was searching for a recipe, and not much luck. Any ideas? Is this sweeter or less sweet than regular mulled wine? TIA, Katmom

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  1. Try this one:

    1 bottle medium red wine (Beaujolais or Spatburgunder works best)

    4 ounces of brandy

    1/3 cup extra fine granulated sugar

    1 orange & 1 lemon, each cut into round slices

    ~6 cinnamon sticks

    ~12 cloves

    Simmer for 1-2 minutes, strain and serve.

    I like to double up on the recipe, then put the citrus and spices in cheesecloth and put it all in a slow-cooker to keep it warm and ready to serve.

    1. here's a Swedish version of Glogg for the holidays:
      4 whole cardamom pods - open and remove the seeds from pods;
      tie together in a cheesecloth bag with 1/4 cup of broken cinnamon sticks, 25 whole cloves and the peel of one orange.

      In a saucepan: combine 4 cups of port with 4 cups of burgundy and 1-1/2 cups of raisins; add the cheesecloth bag.
      Simmer, covered, for 20 minutes. Add additional 4 cups port and 4 cups burgundy with 1 cup of whole blanched almonds. Heat.

      Place 2 cups of sugar cubes in another saucepan. Warm one-third of a bottle of brandy, pour over sugar cubes and ignite. When sugar melts, extinguish flame by pouring in the remaining brandy. Add this sugar mixture to the wine mixture and serve warm.

      Float halved orange slices studded with whole cloves in each cup. Makes 20 - 8 oz. cups.

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        Sounds yummy, also sounds like an insurance claim waiting to happen, lol..

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          Our Swedish friends make this every year for their Christmas Open you can't drink just one cup! :^)

      2. Two years ago, as a Christmas gift for my roommate who grew up in Germany as an army brat, I made a large bottle of sweetened, spiced brandy so she could make gluhwein whenever she wanted.
        I used a quart bottle of French brandy, 1.5 cups of sugar(I think), six oranges, four lemons, a tablespoon or so of cloves and a few cinnamon sticks. Simmered it briefly, let it steep and cool, then strained it through cheesecloth into a bottle. It was fantastic. We made hot and cold gluhwein(I didn't know how cold would be but it's really good) for a good long while(due to the the size of the bottle and how strong a mix it was.
        I guess some put juniper berries in too, but I don't like it all that much. It made it pretty medicinal. If I'm drinking anything juniper I'd rather be drinking gin.
        Good luck on whatever method you choose to follow.

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          So you add this cooked brandy to the red wine?

        2. Thanks for the ideas!!!